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  1. AUMA
    Friday is a busy day for releases but the new LP from Odd Okoddo (Olith Ratego & Sven Kacirek) for Pingipung stands tall with it's perfect blend of traditonal & beguiling African vocals, Kacirek's well honed Afro futuristic percussion, most complimentary of electronic embellishments & occasional dub tickles. Outstanding.
  2. I Drew A Fish Hook, And It Turned Into A Flower
    by Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg
  3. Somnolent
    by Hilyard

    A fine autumnul soundtrack & welcome midweek musical mindfulness from Hilyard as he tunes his machines to the sound of the earth (check out the fascinating story of 432Hz) & delivers one of the most peaceful drone based ambient EPs of recent times.
  4. A Psychic Yes - Maze Dream EP
    by A Psychic Yes
    Sparkling like fairy dust in the overly quantised, dark & soulless soundtrack to neo-liberalism that largely constitutes the Berlin techno scene the new EP from A Psychic Yes for Kalahari Oyster Cult is a playful, feel-good, shining light in the grey skies of central Europe.
  5. A Love Supreme
    by Tuluum Shimmering
    If you are going to cover "A Love Supreme" you better do something special with it & Tuluum has done just that. What an epic version!
    The whole project is a wonderful endeavour but this "track", if you can call 60minutes of music a track, exudes an extra inner peace and beauty.
  7. Our Lair
    by Salamanda
    More great, old meets new, music from Asia, this time South Korea, as laid back duo Salamanda infuse field recordings & Korea's traditional sounds into their dreamlike ambient electronic world to wonderful effect for Tonal Unity.
  8. 走不出的梦境
    by Guzz
    Chinese artists are slowly infiltrating the Asian blinkered, Western consciousness & Guzz is my favourite discovery so far as he blends traditional Chinese instrumentation with well balanced electronica & subtle field recordings into an evocative, old meets new, melodic delight.
  9. Volga Nehri (Turkish Disco Folk)
    by Arşivplak
    There are a lot of sub 3 minute versions of this track online but when it's such an amazing slice of psychedelic cosmic Turkish disco that's a surefire dancefloor winner who wouldn't want this extended version? At 6:19. is still too short if anyone does an extended edit then let me know...
  10. The Silent Flight Of The Owl
    by Manu Delago
    It still freaks me out that the hang was invented in Switzerland and not in some exotic temple but there is no doubt that Manu Delago is amongst one of it's freshest modern exponents.
  11. Beneath The Sheets
    by Donny Benet
    Simple, stripped back but deadly synth boogie badness.
  12. Trainspotti
    by Psee / Mårble / Koyil
    Lighting the incense in the studio one of my favourite sonic adventurers Mårble teams up with fellow Russian trippers Psee & Koyil for Hair Del. Records and together they venture into a realm of psychedelic dream temples, spirituality and enlightenment.
  13. Experience
    by Bro David
    Great slice of far out, digi-reggae nodding Belize soul music
  14. High Tide
    by XLNT
    Tripped out, dub damaged disco for the heads..
  15. High Tide (Secret Circuit Remix)
    by XLNT
    Stripped back, tripped out, dub damaged disco for the heads..
  16. La Musique Electronique du Niger
    by Mamman Sani
    It's amazing how evocative a basic keyboard can sound in the right hands and this is an electro masterclass in East meets West Africa sounds.
  17. Distant Light Receding
    by Hypnagogue
    Cultured drones and gently ambience
  18. For Victoria
    by Pepo Galán
    Deep, not always easy but definitely rewarding, hauntalogical listening as the ghosts in the machines come back to life. Particularly liking th evocal tracks.
  19. We're Not Different
    by Lo-Fang
    This ticks two boxes for me, firstly it's from Lisbon my new home and secondly it's a genuinely lovely song with a pleasing originality and attention to detail.
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  20. Five Times Dormant
    by Thomas Grenzebach
    This is a bit darker than much of my day to day listening but there is a time and a place for all styles of music, especially with such a wonderfully immersive, start to finish voyage through various realms of drone, ambient, minimal and experimental styles.
  21. Parallelogram
    by Yama Warashi
    More modern day cosmic jazz juiceyness.
  22. Butterfly in the Snowfall
    by Butterfly in the Snowfall
    I've been quietly getting more and more obsessed with this album, it's had more repeat plays than any other this year. It's a joy.
  23. Utopia & Visions
    by The Quiet Temple
    I just brought this track for the radio show but the vinyl is also waiting for me at my parents house so go grab it let their mystical blend of psychedelic free jazz & cosmic Kosmische elevate you to a higher realm with a third eye view. Outstanding.
  24. Love-liesse
    by Ami Dang
    The whole album is wonderful and really refreshing sitar fusion which is still an instrument that needs more love in the modern Western electronic scene.
  25. Rainbow Rituals
    by Constant Shapes
    The audible bioluminescence of Constant Shapes new LP is giving my lazy Saturday morning a sonic sparkle as his West coast, stream environment gleaned, field recordings lap against high-spirited, new age of New Age, ambient synthesizer shores to energising effect.
  26. Shell
    by Sunny War
    The catchiest "poppiest" track if you will, from a great album start to finish..
  27. Anou Malane
    by Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou
    More great digging from Sahel sounds and 24 years on the music still sounds relevant - wonderful stuff.
  28. Wounded Brightness
    by Luke Temple
    Lovely modern folk sounds and boding well for the forthcoming LP..
  29. Persimmon Tree
    by Not Waving & Dark Mark (Mark Lanegan)
    Great spoken word over some playful New Age synth work and just one great track from a lovely album.
  30. Eco Do Jongo feat. Ras B (Om Unit Remix)
    by Dubkasm
    Deep, Nyabingi rubbed, postive, conscious modern dub vibrations.
  31. All Things
    by Bubby Lewis
    Cosmic jazz bass playing of the highest order from his wonderful forward looking LP.
  32. On The Road
    by Beverly Glenn-Copeland
    New Age, percussive, positive vibrations..
  33. A Bridge Between Lovers
    by Dazion
    Soulful, summer optimized Balearic sounds from Dazion's great new EP.
  34. Dad Forgot The Dishes
    by Dazion
    Loving this oddball, proto everything, acidic, funky electro leftfield dancefloor weapon.
  35. Eghass Malan
    by Les Filles de Illighadad
    Great to see the ladies doing it so well in the usually male dominated Tuareg music world. Raw, unpolished soul music from that fascinating area in Africa where East starts to meet West - a lovely life affirming listen
  36. Okitwoye Single
    Stunning African soul music as the "dodo" vocals of Kenya's Olith Ratego grace the perfectly tailored Afrophile percussion & subtle electronic touches of Sven Kacirek & Peter Power to wonderful Afro fusion effect for Pingipung Records. Can't wait for the Autumn album release.
  37. Me Ibiza, Music for Dreams - the Sunset Sessions Vol. 7
    by Music For Dreams
    Another great compilation of summer sunshine music from this always on point label
  38. Nausikaa
    by Hymnambulae
    I'm not sure why there aren't more ambient poetry fusion projects when they sound as good as the captivating oratory of Swedish mystical poet Gunnar Ekelöf gliding above Hymnambulae's superbly crafted, melancholic Scandi-noir soundscapes.
  39. Ggardenn feat. Pink Siifu
    by Mndsgn.
    Sublime slice of modern spiritual cosmic soul - straight in the radio show...
  40. Fading Cosmos
    by Jacco Gardner
    What a beautiful slice of dreamy, astral Kosmische - straight in the radio show...
  41. A Fábula
    by Oharaska
    Sublime, ahead of its time Brazilian folk futurism - straight in the radio show...
  42. Mazzo - Sound For Gardening
    by Doom Chakra Tapes Worldwide
    Enhance you and your plants general wellbeing as Mazzo gently folds ambient and new age of New Age vibes around the faded but still glorious structures of classic house and electro to wonderfully soothing, Balearic, photosynthesising and brain warming effect for Doom Chakra Tapes.
  43. Black Sea
    by Anatolian Weapons
    What a great set of slow, moody, evocative, Eastern vibed, slow-mo bangers. Every track a winner.
  44. Habitat Debris
    by Mind over MIDI
    A lovely ambient journey through various subgenres from field recordings, drones and gentle tones, the new age of New Age and spoken words.
  45. 43 Odes
    by 43 Odes
    With a nod to the spiritual Eastern horizon whilst gazing at the stars & their boundless possibilities 43 Odes shoulder their psychedelic folk packs & head into the desert for the longest journey of all, deep inside. An outstanding release from the ever impressive Eiderdown Records.