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  1. Other Other
    by Seabuckthorn
  2. Mauve
    by Balm
    Thanks to a tip from A Closer Listen, this EP from new, Amsterdam based producers, Balm has been on repeat the last two days. Hit play and let its sunny, soothing yet simple guitar, synth & percussion patterns soak your feet, massage your temples & give you a cuddle. All money to a good cause as well.
  3. Mare
    by Luca Averna Chris Coco Micko Roche
    Ibizian chillout doesn't come much more classic than this. Find a sea view in the sun and hit play.
  4. Literature
    by Tomotsugu Nakamura
    What a lovely, gentle, minimal, electro-acoustic vision of the future of folk music. I'm all the way in...
  5. Pulsa Rimba
    by Wu Cloud
    If you're in need of escaping reality to a warmer, weirder ambient tropical world where Sumatran jungle field recordings swirl alongside the languid rhythms of island life in an other-worldly electronic haze, then Wu Cloud is here to help.
  6. At Home With...(songs for solitude) Vol. 11
    A great quirky, fresh sounding, electo-acoustic release and another fine addition to this constantly surprising & inventive series of lockdown singles from the label.
  7. Postcards
    by Sergio Díaz De Rojas
    I don't usually go for much piano work but there's something alluring that I can't quite put my finger on with Sergio's work.
  8. Sun
    by Apta
    This is a wonderful, chirpy electronica EP with a real clarity of vision and execution from Apta. It's hard to believe it came out of grey old Manchester or perhaps the need to synthesize the sun under those cloudy skies is why it exists? Whatever, go press play and brighten up your day.
  9. The Longing
    by The Dream Syndicate
    The dreamier lighter side of the psychedelic rock spectrum, the recent LP is a great listen start to finish and this track perfect for the radio show.
  10. Language of Love
    by Earth Girl Helen Brown
    There's nothing wrong with sounding Sadesque when your tune is this catchy and listenable.
  11. La nuit je mens
    by Sofia Bolt
    I have a soft spot for sultry spoken French vocals and this b-side cut from the recent single hits all sorts of spots. Straight in the radio show.
  12. Source
    by Fools
    Great tune from a great LP and sounding great in the radio show...
  13. The Feedback Sutras
    by Tarotplane
    Tarotplane don't do any wrong and this epic slice of guitar led ambient is a long form wonder.
  14. No Love is Sorrow
    by Buck Curran
    Another fine folk outing from the ever dependable Curran..
  15. Ocean Park
    by Danny Clay
    Cultured, 21st century chamber music for classical fans tired of constantly peering back into times gone by.
  16. Superstition
    Unhurried, whimsical electronica & lovely vocals from the land of the rising sun..
  17. Fearful Void Series
    by Lost Tribe Sound
    A welcome preview into the busy release schedule of this label that always deserves attention.
  18. Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate
    by Federico Mosconi
    Great juxtaposition of warm, melodic guitar & generally chillier, noisier ambient winds.
  19. Cures & Wounds
    by Wilma Archer
    Stringy, ambient, jazzy, cinematic with some wonderful vocals - ticking all sorts of boxes and sounding great in the radio show.
  20. For Lise
    by Matchess
    A dreamy, drifting psychedelic drone pop gem from the always turned on and tuned in Matchess..