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Sick Textiles

  1. Metal
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    by Slow Order
  2. Dreams
    by SlugWeed
  3. Enthrallment - Eugenic Wombs
    by Enthrallment
  4. Solar Haze
    by Solar Haze
  5. Devouring the Mountains Vol​.​5
    by ARGONAUTA Records
  6. Copper Moon
    by Black Electric
    by Interstellar Smoke Records
  8. Haexprocess
    by Häxmästaren
  9. Flores de Sangre
    by GDFU
  10. Four Tales of the Strange
    by Bog Wizard, Dust Lord
  11. Melt - "The Secret Teaching of Sorrow"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  12. Trip to Norway
    by WEEDIAN
  13. Trip to Poland
    by WEEDIAN
  14. Chants Of Steel
    by Blackosh
  15. Oshkosh Truckin'
    by Dead Ringers
  16. Dead Ringers
    by Dead Ringers
  17. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Saint Karloff
  18. Psychedelic Genocide Part A 2020
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  19. REDEEMED FROM NATURE (The Pay What You Want EP)
    by CIA Hippie Mind Control
  20. Dungeon of the Froglord
    by Froglord