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  1. From Sea To Sky
    by Heights
    01 - Of Wind And Air 01 - Of Wind And Air
  2. Hubardo
    by Kayo Dot
    And He Built Him a Boat And He Built Him a Boat
  3. It's A.D. 2016.
    by Arthur Zdrinc
    Analemma Analemma
    A fantastic album that sounds refreshing and original. Everything on this album seems to click perfectly, fall in place just right.
  4. Dream House
    by LAKE R▲DIO
    Plastic Angels (feat. Paislienne) Plastic Angels (feat. Paislienne)
    This album is full proof that Witch House (or whatever the hell you wanna call it) is maturing and moving past this shtick of drug-filled edgyness that it seems to pride itself on. It's given me hope that a vapid genre can turn into something great given the right amount of time and the right people.
  5. The Cpt Theorem
    by Greydon Square
    N Word N Word
  6. Type I : The Kardashev Scale
    by Greydon Square
    Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
  7. The Compton Effect
    by Greydon Square
    The Dream The Dream