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  1. 10
    by Say Sue Me 세이수미
  2. Only Water
    by Hutch Harris
  3. Later
    by SuperKnova
  4. On The Meadow
    by The Umbrella Puzzles
  5. Disappear
    by cinchel
  6. El Mañana
    by Así Así
  7. Mal de Otros
    by Así Así
  8. I Will Be Alright If I Have You
    by Hutch Harris
  9. Expert In A Dying Field
    by The Beths
  10. It's Too Clean
    by Snack'd Out
  11. The Next Big Open Door
    by Jason Anderson
  12. The Next Big Open Door
    by Jason Anderson
  13. The Sound of The Afterglows
    by The Afterglows
  14. This One Could (featuring Mark Monnone)
    by Kissing Book (featuring Mark Monnone)
  15. On The 3rd Time (featuring Joey Kneiser)
    by Kissing Book (featuring Joey Kneiser)
  16. Should've Seen Us Yesterday (featuring Dear Nora)
    by Kissing Book (featuring Dear Nora)
  17. Hold Your Head Up (featuring #Poundsign#)
    by Kissing Book (featuring #Poundsign#)
    by daddy's boy
  19. Julie & Dany
    by Dany Placard, Julie Doiron
  20. A Light for Attracting Attention
    by The Smile