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  1. Defeated
  2. The Fat Man's Comin'
    by David Byrne
  3. White Mist Christmas
    by Harkin
  4. Solar Barbecue
    by Sterbus
  5. Lunar One A Sides (Full Moon Releases Oct 2021 - Sept 22)
    by Craig Fortnam
  6. Karta
    by eleni poulou
  7. Songs from the film Dead Mint (and more!)
    by Grandads Don't Indicate
  8. ANT
    by Eater
  9. In Transit
    by The Big Boss
  10. Rudimentary Peni
    by Rudimentary Peni
  11. Ex-Girl - Kero Kero Kero (1999 Japanese Girl Punk) SR11
    by Ex-Girl
  12. Ache
    by Foetus
  13. Selected Amiga/BBC Micro Works 85-92
    by Max Tundra
  14. Before The Tone (Ancient Answerphone Antics)
    by Max Tundra
  15. Mystery Fields
    by The British Stereo Collective
  16. Undulating Waters 1-7 (all proceeds to the British Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal)
    by Woodford Halse
  17. One Of These Days
    by Forming
  18. Split
    by Benbow-Strssy
  19. Go Feral!
    by Dave 747
  20. The Apathy Doctrine
    by Nick Mitchell Maiato