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  1. Montreal, Québec
  2. Experimental
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  1. Ring Road Ring
    by Michael Lightborne
  2. Sweetly My Blacken Doll
    by Alice Kemp
  3. tracey feels worse
    by massimo ricci
  4. Songs in the Key of NO
    by Alice Kemp
  5. Trois Mémoires Discrètes
    by Af Ursin
    by Astres d'Or
  7. Kama
    by Hild Sofie Tafjord
  8. Blumenstrauss vor Eiffelturm
    by Hirsche nicht aufs Sofa
  9. Stürmische Ruhe
    by Christoph Heemann & Brunhild Ferrari
  10. La Región Salvaje, Música Original de la Película
    by Guro Moe & Lasse Marhaug
  11. The Spinning Song
    by VAVA KITORA Sachiko & Yama-akago
  12. With Lament
    by SACHIKO
  13. Embed And Then Forget (Porta #9)
    by Spoils & Relics
  14. Tarry (No Rent Records 83)
    by Spoils & Relics
  15. Sins Of Omission (HARBINGER113)
    by Spoils & Relics
  16. Being the Elucidation of Why We Do Not Liberate Even the Smallest of Instances.
    by The Hafler Trio
  17. The Man and the Biosphere
    by Roland Kayn
  18. Refrains 2 (Guitar Lines)
    by Cam Deas
  19. Refrains 3 (OTO-Sphere)
    by Cam Deas
  20. God Blind Me.
    by The Hafler Trio