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  1. Covers EP
    by J. Robbins
  2. Schadenfreude
    by SHINER
  3. Hidden Cities
    by Glös
    Sunshine Sunshine
  4. s/t 7"
    by Engine Down
  5. Split 7" with Daria
    by Office of Future Plans
  6. Harmonium
    by Glös
  7. Reports From The Threshold of Death
    by Junius
  8. Comedy Gold
    by Queen Wolf
    Moon Tooth Moon Tooth
    Walls and Co. did it again! Catchy soulful rock tunes that would feel at home in a bar scene from a road movie. One of the later tracks has what I am certain is a practiced Maynard impression, for those who are into that sort of thing.
    Listen to this flawless album, ya dopes!
  9. Part Island
  10. Copyright
    by Poster Children
  11. Back Out Of Line
    by Poster Children
  12. Grand Bargain!
    by Poster Children
  13. Un-Becoming
    by J. Robbins
  14. 8 Hours
    by echo is your love
  15. Humansize
    by echo is your love
  16. Papercut Eye
    by echo is your love
  17. Sheets of Blank Fucking Paper
    by echo is your love
  18. Heart Fake
    by echo is your love
    Silver Sufferer Silver Sufferer
  19. DNA / Six-Month Night 7"
    by echo is your love
  20. Live at the Black Lodge
    by The Emotron