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Nils Müller

  1. Wölmersen, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning
    by Various Artists
    Sojourner - South Away Sojourner - South Away
  2. Quenta Silmarillion
    by SIRION
    Gondolin Gondolin
    It may not be widely known but the melodies blend perfectly together. With simpliest means they created athmospheric soundscapes that send you right into middle earth. Fantastic!
  3. Todbringer
    by Ellende
    Scherben Scherben
    Perfectly hopeless Black Metal- Just as I like it. The instruments are well played, the screaming fit in and the scream singing is well executed. Athmospheric hopeless black metal. Nice.
  4. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
    The Last Dive of David Shaw The Last Dive of David Shaw
    One of the best post rock albums ever made.
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest (Additional Soundtrack)
    by Gareth Coker
    Main Theme - Definitive Edition Main Theme - Definitive Edition
  6. In Silence We Yearn
    by Oh Hiroshima
    Drones Drones
  7. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    To Walk the Ashes of Dead Empires To Walk the Ashes of Dead Empires
    My favorite track contains some of the best melodies I've ever heard. This album is the very reason why I fell in love with atmospheric black metal.
  8. The Triumph Of Ruin
    by The Howling Void
    Fenrir Fenrir
    I love how you get drawn into the songs and everything around you just stops existing for a few moments.
  9. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    And So Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I) And So Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I)
    What amazed me the most were the clean vocals and clean guitars. They blend in very well.
  10. Oathbreaker
    by Hoth
    The Unholy Conception The Unholy Conception
    The very first song dragged me into it. Fantastic!
  11. The Unknown
    by The Vision Bleak
    The Kindred Of The Sunset The Kindred Of The Sunset
    Very well written lyrics. The quality of the songwriting is outstandig. The Band describes itself as horror metal and that it is, indeed.
  12. Tekeli-li
    by The Great Old Ones
    Antarctica Antarctica
    I'm a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, and this album sound exactly like I imaged it to bee: eerie, haunting and weird. The digipack is awesome too.
  13. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
    Heritage of the Natural Realm Heritage of the Natural Realm
    The soundtrack to my writing. Good atmospheric black metal.
  14. The Force Of The Ancient Land
    by Eldamar
    Spirit Of The North Spirit Of The North
    The music creates a realm for itself. Imagine a epic fantasy novel transformed into music.
  15. Emergence
    by Shylmagoghnar
    I Am the Abyss I Am the Abyss
    Epic and powerful, perfect soundtrack to study to.
  16. Sunless Sea OST
    by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman
    The Surface The Surface
    The track "The Surface" is easily one of the best soundtrack tracks I've heard in a while.
  17. Tundra
    by Sadness
    Soâr Soâr
  18. Where Fate Lies Unbound
    by Warseid
    Shackles Through Sand Shackles Through Sand
  19. Afterglow
    by In Mourning
    Below Rise To The Above Below Rise To The Above
  20. Croweater: An Echo in the Bone
    by Fall of an Empire
    Beyond the Pale Beyond the Pale
  21. You Are The Universe
    by For Giants
    Pulaski Day Pulaski Day
  22. Depths
    by For Giants
    Impulse Impulse
  23. V
    by Scale The Summit
    Stolas Stolas
  24. Promised Land
    by Ryan Tanner
    Promised Land Promised Land