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  1. Said Ghosts
    by Hello Meteor
  2. Angle
    by Elephant Gym
  3. The Author
    by Straight Reads The Line
    I Wouldn't Go Out, There's Some Ruffians About I Wouldn't Go Out, There's Some Ruffians About
    The noisy, technical, frantic metalcore I'm into these days. None of these impressive songs overstays their welcome.
  4. Derangeable
    by Aliases
    Find Where You Hide Find Where You Hide
    I was recommended this album for fans of SikTh and it's got a similar frenetic energy. It's probably more accessible. Great stuff for metalcore fans!
  5. Paths
    by G Jones
    Remnant Remnant
    This album contains the blissful synth artifact chopping that made me fall in love with Jones' sound, while also delivering the hard bass beats more tactfully than ever before. Big one!!
  6. To Live and Die in Shinjuku / Woken
    by A Taut Line
    To Live and Die in Shinjuku To Live and Die in Shinjuku
    Haunting beats with an emotional backbone and crispy production.
  7. Revilement
    by Euclid
    Unit 731 Unit 731
    Massive tunes with a high level of technicality and just the right amount of distortion.
  8. Thought Tracing
    by G Jones
    Best use of cowbell fx ever. I continue to drool over the sound palettes G Jones employs. And this contains simply one of my favorite beats by him period.
  9. Patterns Emerge
    by G Jones
    An infectious tune that I swear is venturing into microtonal territory at times. I love the work Jones does with sound artifacts!
  10. See Right Through
    by G Jones
    A manic journey emblematic of Jones' style - staccato beats with immense stereo width, bookended by lovely ambient sections and psychedelic quotes.
  11. Drift (Acid Mix)
    by G Jones
    I always connect with G Jones' acid and more chilled-out tracks. His songwriting is so fluid.
  12. Waveracer EP
    by Reso
    Waveracer Waveracer
    I love when Reso goes in this experimental direction. Delicious beats, pads, ambient warmth, and harrowing rhythms.
  13. Migratory
    by Robot Koch,
    Gorgeous piano and drum/noise programming.
  14. Notes & Patterns of Home
    by Sieren
    Unfold Unfold
    This short, gentle album is extraordinarily pretty and also a tactful distillation of Sieren's style. For me, his synth sound design is some of the most appealing that's out there, resonating juuuuust right at all times.
  15. Sticky
    by blnkspc_
    The looong delay tails are just what I like in a track like this. Smooooth
  16. Soma
    by Phelian
    Seems I'm not the only one who sought out this track specifically. It's the carefully-programmed noise-as-percussion for me. Absolutely an ASMR track too.
  17. Syntheism
    by EPROM
    This album is so insanely fun, that I *still* can't pick a favorite track after listening many times. The sound design is just that exciting.
  18. Keep On Dancing
    by Rhekluse
    pretty sure I found this track at complete random; Anyhow it's awesome, basically quintessential future-garage-as-pop, it sounds like a modern version of the stuff I was hearing on Youtube in the early 2010s that originally made me fall in love with garage beats.
  19. In Plain Sight
    by camoufly
    Kaleidoscope (Me&U) [feat. Alexander Lewis] Kaleidoscope (Me&U) [feat. Alexander Lewis]
    Head-boppy GOODNESS! Camoufly is a producer to watch, I wouldn't be surprised if he ascends into the stratosphere in the next few years.
  20. Obsession
    by Shirobon
    Shirobon is crazy for making this creepy vocaloid stalker synthwave work so well. The instrumentation is future-forward and memorable.