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  1. Hurricane #2
    by Matt and the Skeleton Crew
    An excellently produced and catchy-as-hell single from Matt and the Skeleton Crew. The teamwork from these guys is clearly paying off. This deserves some radio airplay... but in the meantime it's stuck in my head!
  2. Extinction
    by Helioscene
    Larsen Split Larsen Split
    Lovely, wavering synth design and crisp, tingly percussion permeate this album which has a variety of soothing and intriguing tracks that flow well into one another. Ambient/IDM/Synthwave all apply as labels. I listened on a recommendation and ended up loving it so I encourage others to buy it too! This is great stuff!!
  3. Horixens
    by Sevish
    Streaming Streaming
    Sevish somehow outdid himself with this album. The production is FANTASTIC. The licks are delicious. Each track stands on its own but flows well into the next. This is a beattape from another planet.
  4. Harmony Hacker
    by Sevish
    Orbital Orbital
    Sevish is a freakin magician. This album takes me to heaven and hell. "Gleam" is a stand-out banger of the bunch, but there are plenty of other tracks that shine just as brightly. Buy this if you want to support an exciting new wave of music.
  5. Ordinary Exhibits
    by Escape The Loops
    blanket corner blanket corner
    This is old-school yet poppy & approachable IDM with very punchy and modern production -- a style I quite enjoy! The intricacies of the sound design tickle the ears and the melodies and rhythms keep me coming back.
  6. Night Supply
    by Hello Meteor
  7. This & That Vol 1
    by Maru
  8. Crystal Runway (Archives II)
    by Sieren
  9. Triptunes
    by Blitz Lunar
  10. Redux34
    by zabutom
  11. Themes
    by Nitemoves
  12. Simulcast
    by Tycho
    Cypress Cypress
    If you know and love Tycho's modern sound, you won't be disappointed by this instrumental retelling of his "Weather" album. Oddly, listening to this makes me appreciate the vocal versions more than I already did. I think Weather is a good LP for active listening and Simulcast works well as a backing soundtrack to one's day.
  13. Level
    by Disasterpeace
    Three Three
    An incredible chiptune album for those who savor the palette. Full of intricate, weaving polymeter and SICK RIFFS, this concept album is a journey worth taking that'll rock your socks off.
  14. Community Broadcasting
    by Hello Meteor
    Evening Office Evening Office
    Another satisfying HM journey in which you will become awash in nostalgic synth sweeps, bright arpeggios, buttery-smooth basslines, creative vocal chopping, and ambient moments of beauty.
  15. Boketto
    by Lone
    Matt takes us on a lush, personalized relaxation trip with his own drumming skills and masterful production.
  16. Modern Closure
    by 4mat
    And the ocean will provide And the ocean will provide
    This chipmusic album is absolutely wild and I feel fortunate to be able to listen. There's such soundscapes and creative compositions (+time signatures) and so MUCH of it! Thank you Matt!
  17. Same River Twice
    by Steve Hauschildt
    I haven't heard anything like this since I first listened to Tangerine Dream.
  18. Dark Secondaries
    by Hello Meteor
    Identification of Gulls Identification of Gulls
    Hello Meteor is really killing the game with these majestic releases, and is the first person I've been recommending to people looking for music to chill out to. This album has some great vocal touches too.
  19. Small Sips
    by Maru
    Coconut Beach Coconut Beach
    I was "today years old" when I found out Reso/Alex has a chilled-out side project, something I always secretly hoped for. This album/beattape is a perfect meeting between Alex's stellar drum grooves and his poised synth moods. Hazy, vinyl, extremely soothing in and out.
  20. Amethyst
    by Reso
    These downtempo, chilled-but-heavy jaunts by Reso are some of my favorite things to listen to.