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  1. THE PATH 🔥
    by Akira The Don & Jocko Willink
  2. RUNNING - A Meaningwave Mix
    by Akira The Don
    by Akira The Don & David Goggins
  4. Go! (JOCKOWAVE 2)
    by Akira The Don ft. Jocko Willink
  5. Touch Tone
    by Spartan Jet-Plex
    Meant Meant
    Take a trip into the bedroom Lo-Fi of Spartan Jet-Plex, sweet dreams and lush pop make up this nostalgic trip into lazy Sunday cry sessions.
  6. t i re d
    by j. francis
    smile, Violet smile, Violet
    Happy ragtag dream guitar pop with lonely vacant echo vocals from an abandoned school locker room.
  8. Real Memories
    by Yolke
  9. Winged and Wounded
    by Swim Lessons
    Someday Someday
    Swim Lessons has the swag of back-to-basics acoustic Devendra Banhart Pre-Cripple Crow. It will make you nostalgic for that 2005 indie music era. However it will also make you deeply thankful we have this beautiful rich acoustic album by Swim Lessons to fill that shaky-vocal freak folk void.
  10. Swissex Mixtape
    by Fight Bite
  11. Lullaby Land
    by Nice Legs
    End End
    South Korean band Nice Legs is a breath of fresh eccentric dream pop. Their song “End” is the antithesis to Kanye West’s “I am a God”. Their eccentric lyrics “I’ll be your God if you come to my Church.” and “I’ll be your God and cure your disease” make for one of the most compelling listens this year.
  12. Witch Mtn
    by Emily Reo
    Above Ground And A Golden Cloud Above Ground And A Golden Cloud
    Industrial Cling Clang Noise Pop sprinkled with a little bit of fairy dust and ghostly female vocals.
  13. Hiding
    by Tearjerker
    Door Door
    Feel good Shoegaze Lo-fi with melancholic influences that channel the spirit of Atlas Sound. Before you know it, you'll be jerking back a couple of tears from the fractured memories this music manages to salvage.
  14. Dead Again
    by Sauna Heat
    In The Still of The Night In The Still of The Night
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  15. Alter Eagle
    by Sauna Heat
    I've Been Dreaming of You I've Been Dreaming of You
    The 50s static in this love song will chill you to the bone. The vocals will send shivers down your spine that remind you of some past that only your grandparents would be able to recall.
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  16. It Won't Take Long
    by Dead Folk
    Encompassing the struggling spirit of 90s Grunge Rock, Dead Folk takes it to a rocking level that compels and stirs your spirit in a way that few 90s revival acts can. Which makes it engaging from beginning to end.
  17. Tugboat
    by Finnmark!
    While the original will never be topped. This comes pretty damn close. A stripped down Magnetic Fields version of the song seems most fitting.
  18. Petrichoral EP
    by Petrichoral
    Everything's Coming Up Milhouse Everything's Coming Up Milhouse
    This is the kind of Beach Boys-esque music I'd imagine hearing at my discontinued annual family reunions that were held in the woodsy area of Sonora, CA at my Aunty's house. Everything was so nostalgic. We played baseball in the fields, rode go-karts, went swimming in the huge onsite pool. Had huge family dinners. If I ever found footage of this I'd definitely use this entire album as a soundtrack.
  19. Talisman
    by YUS
    Nowadays Nowadays
    In 1999, I remember listening to Moby's track "Porcelain", getting chills and thinking to myself that I wish all of his music sounded this good. 15 Years later a talented musician named YUS must have been thinking the same thing. Except he did something about it. His track "Nowadays" is the quintessential Electronica dream pop track that Moby never perfected. While Moby peaked with that track, Yus has debuted with a track far superior than anything in Moby's body of work.
  20. Dream Holiday
    by Magic Island
    This Minimalistic Soul Pop will grab hold of your interstellar skeleton frame and tape you to the bulletin board of happy feelings.