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  1. Mistakes
    by Coelacanth
  2. Bombardement
    by Bombardement
  3. Samozagłada Ludzkości
    by Afront
  4. S/T
    by Intrusive Thought
    by THRT
  7. REBELS SING (A Tribute to Todd Serious & The Rebel Spell)
    by Not Yer Buddy Records
    All We Want All We Want
    An absolutely beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Todd by people who walk the same walk. Everything about this release is essential.
  8. End Result/Phane Split 7"
    by End Result
  9. Peace or Annihilation Campaign Tour Tape 2018
    by End Result
  10. End Result/The Last Survivors Split 7"
    by End Result
  11. What Pain Will You Sustain? Demo Tape 2017
    by End Result
  12. THE OPPRESSED (Originals)
  13. 4 TRACK DEMO
    by Löckheed
  14. Insurrection
    by Juggling Jugulars
  15. Crisis Point
    by Subhumans
  16. When Daylight Reveals the Torture
    by Agnosy
  17. Beyond The Borders/Decide Today/Blago tour split 2019
    by Beyond The Borders / Decide Today / Blago
  18. Courtland
    by Tensions
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Blood On Your Hands
    by Warbastard
  20. Into The Depths
    by WAR//PLAGUE
  21. "THE INSTANT" LP (2018)
    by abolitionist
  22. Still Fucking Angry!
    by Decontrol
  23. Fear Of Extinction - ... and they still suffer LP
    by phobiarecords
  24. Amateur Predator
    by OVER
  25. Vacant Daydream
    by OVER
  26. Edën
    by Pisscharge
  27. A Place Called Home
    by REGRET
  28. Subhumans/A-Political/The Lobotomies/1000 Drunken Nights - 09:09 Split Fusion
    by The Warzone Collective
  30. To the Night Unknown
    by MORNE
  31. DEMO - 2018
    by ZYGOME
  32. Sick world Global anthem
    by The Denied
  33. GO!035- Vegan Comp For Out To Pasture Sanctuary
    by GoxRecords
  34. Look To The Skies
    by The Filaments
    Underdogs Underdogs
    This album has been on almost constant rotation since I bought it. The music makes my body move with joy and the lyrics get my head and heart dancing in revolutionary patterns.

    Flawless work.
  35. Land of Lions
    by The Filaments
    Tears of Essex Tears of Essex
  36. Drone Life
    by All Torn Up!
  37. Re​-​evolve
    by Orphanage Named Earth
  38. Freak Dream
    by Freak Dream
    Almost Gone Almost Gone
    This release perfectly demonstrates how industrial-techno-punk should be done.

    Not only is it musically intense (the bastard offspring of Prodigy and Pitchshifter?), it's lyrically accomplished too. Words that are both angry and full of love.

    I've just seen them live (guitar and drums plus laptop) in a small pub in England, and I left the venue with a shit-eating grin on my face.

    Fuck off, Sleaford Mods, you poseurs.
  39. Human Misery
  40. O.U.C.H - Our Universe Commences Here
    by P.A.I.N
  41. Oh My God, We’re Doing It!
    by P.A.I.N
  42. GRIND THE ENEMY 2017
    by Axegrinder
  43. Grief Intensity Friendship
    by Jesse LeBourdais
  44. In Solidarity With Rojava
    by Martyrdöd and Adrestia
  45. My Plague Queen
    by Axegrinder