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  1. Mad City
    by SURGE
    No Code No Code
  2. Golden Shores
    by Zenith
    '85 Tango '85 Tango
    A wonderful selection of synthwave styles. Zenith is some really talented dude :) Really hard to choose a favourite when an EP is flooded with quality.
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  3. Desert Sentinel
    by Datalink
    Oasis Arena Oasis Arena
    Amazing what Datalink put together. You feel the passion and time that went into this EP. For sure one of the best Synthwave EP of the year at least for me. Cant even put a favourite track cause there are too many of. I still think the pure instrumental tracks are stronger than the vocal one. "Haunted" is my favourite vocal track really well done.
  4. Найтград
    by Марксэн
    Эта улица уходит в ночь Эта улица уходит в ночь
    Amazing instrumention and a great progression makes every tune of this EP a joy. If you let you will get soaked into this music. Very talented musician. :)
  5. Roses for the Finance Department
    by Blemjin
    Water Cooler Conversations Water Cooler Conversations
    Such a well crafted piece of music art. All the sound creation is very well done and every piece has some peciuliar soundscape. Im very happy i discovered Blemjin :)
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  6. Paradise of Sluts
    by Demi Damage
    Late Night Lesbian Pool Party Late Night Lesbian Pool Party
    This is what i call a surprise synthwave newcomer. Very cool and unique style. Really a high quality EP. Let the cold and rainy days fly by.
  7. Midnight Movies
    by Ron Cannon
  8. Kidburn - Three (remixes)
    by Bronster Bridge
    Out of Control (Bronster Bridge remix) - chillout version Out of Control (Bronster Bridge remix) - chillout version
  9. Through the Night
    by Arcade Dreamer
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  10. 774
    by Compilerbau
  11. The Haunt
    by SURGE
    No Stars to Follow No Stars to Follow
    SURGE continues where he left creating amazing synthwave. Overall a very high quality EP with a varity of mixed styles. I espacially love the slower tunes where the SURGE really shines for me at least. Nice instrumentation and great structure. My favourites are "Own Blood" and "No Stars to Follow". I think the EP could have 2-3 less tracks and would be perfect. Some tracks sound similar even thought the SURGE put a lot of effort in creating nice melodies and lot of new ideas.
  12. Reflections
  13. Fool's Paradise
  14. Midnight (2019 Edition)
    by The Motion Epic
    Bad Behavior Bad Behavior
    A very special voice great vocals and a lot of passion. The Motion Epic keeps catching me with every song they perform. A blast from the past.
  15. Negative Potential
    by Primorph
    Negative Potential Negative Potential
    Wonderful sound creation! Every tune has it´s own feel and was done with a lot of care. "Gorm" and "Unwinding Threads" has some great and dreamy melody work. Where "Negative Potential" fascinated me with this crazy "blip blop" sound design. Even the coverart pleases me greatly.
  16. Faces
    by The Crow
  17. Artificial Memory
    by The Crow
  18. Palms & Flamingos
    by The Crow
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  20. Hardline
    by Sandman
    Sandman grows and with that come some great guitar riffs. You get what you expect uplifting synthwave plus this excellent guitar play. What a fantastic collaboration! Waiting for more.
  21. Passage
    by Ron Cannon
  22. Blue Light Murder
    by Ron Cannon
  23. Starcore EP
    by Sandman
    Starcore Starcore
    Sandman delivers some of the best danceable synthwave. cool uplifting beats and great deep melodys. Just cant stop moving to this! Saga has some really nice voice and it really fits the song lullaby.
  24. Your Love Is Like A Lone Wolf
    by Swayze
  25. Tournament of Titans
  26. Made by Fate
    by Kotovsky86
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  27. Heart Breakers
    by Echosoft
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  28. Lost Highway
    by Born in '82
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  29. Blue Sun
    by Unknown Anomaly
  30. Lost Boys
    by Dead Royalty
  31. Overdrive
    by Swayze
  32. Miami Heart (feat. Monica Oriel)
    by Water And Bridges
  33. Wrong Thinker Killer
    by FMCG
    Chemlight Gunfight Chemlight Gunfight
  34. Pleasure Garden
    by Blemjin
    Petunia Pond Petunia Pond
    Wonderful calm melodies! I never was into vaporwave but when it´s done like this i just cant ignore it anymore. This EP is just way too infectious and very captivating.
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  35. Galaxity
    by Sebastian Svahn
    Pegasus (Deluxe version) Pegasus (Deluxe version)
    Sebastian Svahn arrived directly from the scandinavian breeding grounds of great synthwave artists ;) Clean and very melodic space sounds. I pretty much loved every of his latest releases.
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  36. Lost Coast
    by SURGE
    One of my favourite synthwave tracks from this year so far. what an amazing journey through a masterpiece of song. never had such goosebumps hearing it the first time and still after 20 times it is just amazing. thoughtful pick of instruments which trasition perfectly into other parts. it is so well done i cant even describe it. SURGE you deserve more recognition...hope you get more. Thanks for this tune.
  37. Gnarly Moves
    by Sebastian Svahn
    Very retro and melodic sounds. Reminds me off my good old Amiga times where the game soundtracks were the best in gaming. This tune really could fit in this timeline :)
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  38. MRAM
    by Efilheim
    Another gorgeous tune from the EP with a sweet melody work. The instruments really klick together. Perfectly created!
  39. Mechanical Depression
    by Efilheim
    Efilheim did a great job on the whole EP. Definitely one of the stronger Synthwave EP of the year. The track "Mechanical Depression" sticks out for me as really well done. The instrumentation and mood really caputure a feeling of depression. Never give up there is still a way out and a lot of hope in the end of the track.
  40. Transmission Unknown
    by Maverick
    With some very spooky intro Maverick tries to lure me into some new sound...then the typical Maverick kicks in...very melodic still scary and hunting. Waiting for more!
  41. Indestructible
    by SURGE
    Pulls off some great hunting atmosphere. could fit into some teen horror movie. The SURGE always finds the instruments and ideas to make a perfect tune. Amazing intro section.
  42. #008
    by Supercell
    track with some more touching atmosphere. like meeting up with your favourite girl/boy. killer track! Here is how i would name it - GLOWING HEART
  43. Mr. Regular [Single]
    by Tyler Burns
    This voice is amazing! Please make someone this man popular :) Fantastic song!
  44. Fresh Blood
    by VHS-OST
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  45. Software
    by Rayne Reznor