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  1. Auckland, New Zealand
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  1. Little Uneasy (single)
    by Fazerdaze
  2. Shit Twins
    by Dads
  3. I'm Crying Too
    by bernie griffen and the thin men
  4. Bending Spoons
    by Average Rap Band
  5. Burnt Toast
    by Joe Says No
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  6. Swan Song
    by Rackets
  7. helensville
    by SJD
    I really like the song "Helensville" it has a great vibe, awesome vocal delievery and seems very sincere and from the heart. Even though the song is slightly sad to me it seems real and life like and is thus a throughly enjoyable audio experience! Helensville
  8. Brighter Futures
    by god bows to math
    Oppressor vs Oppressor Oppressor vs Oppressor
    I am blown away by the tenacity of the drumming on this record, the vocal melodies are tormented ghosts ravaged by the twists of time and the guitar tones are dripping with sweaty garage rock goodness. I remember talking to Thom at Xmas last year about the recording of this record so I'm stoked the guys have dropped something powerful!
  9. Good Together
    by Mel Parsons
    My favourite tune on Drylands
    this song has a beautiful melody
    stunning harmonies and brilliant recording. "Good Together" smoulders like a burning fire in the middle of a cold South Island Winter.
  10. Heartbeat feat. Hone Be Good
    by Esther Stephens & The Means
    I love this track because of the shimmering guitar tones, female lead vocals, heavy baseness, Hones fantastic rapping and name plus the fact that I can feel it in my heartbeat
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  11. Hold On (feat. Loui The ZU)
    by Get Well Soon
    Powerful rhymes, imagery
    and an exceptionally outpouring of heartbreak and pain - this song to me is about the crossroads of love - when your fighting to hold on to someone who you know is going to leave and the subsequent feeling of your life unravelling before your eyes
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  12. Grandeur
    by Rough Church
    This song reminds me of Breaking Bad and walking through the desert in Southern California, it has a sense of the sublime and the contrast and melding of male and female vocals is daring, brave and a hands down triumph in its musical Grandeur!
  13. Just Want To Thank You - A side
    by Louis Baker, Jordan Rakei
    I love this song because of the great singing and music production. I saw a video of Louis producing his music in his house and thought that was so cool. Both the acoustic and electronic versions of the song are great I especially like the political message. Jordan Rakei did a find job playing keyboards, fantastic work guys!
  14. She's Appealing
    by Kane Strang
    The best song to be released out of Dunedin in 2015 in my personal opinion. I love the colours, lyrics and recording, home run. Can't wait to hear more records from this promising young South Island recording artist!
  15. I Cant Cope
    by The Leers
    I really like the bit when the guitars open up and the songs gets going as well as the lyrics when everything starts getting intense! Can't wait to hear the new album when its released.
  16. Cross Street
    by The Kaleidoscopes
    I enjoy the storytelling aspect of this song and how you feel like you've been out clubbing up storm and have a terrible hang over the next day all in the short space of a couple minutes - holographic hyper reality clubbing greatness at its best!
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  17. Emily Edrosa EP
    by Emily Edrosa
    The Corner of the Party The Corner of the Party
    A sick/sweet really well put together self-produced record from Edrosa.
    My favourite track is 'the corner of the party' cause thats usually where I am hanging out! Looking forward to more music
  18. It was like that when I found it
    by Freaky Meat
    Heavy thrashy beat metal poetry
  19. Wash My Brain
    by Rackets
    I like this song because it highlights the fact that it is so easy to get brainwashed in NZ a small isolated craggy rock in the pacific. With the media owned by like 2 dudes and no one really doing their job in government sometimes its advisable to wash your brains out!!
  20. Robotronic
    by Dead Beat Boys
    Great recording, great artwork, great band!
  21. Railways
    by Jonny Maguire
    Superbly played acoustic guitar with a smooth evoking chorus that reminds me of Jack Kerouac and all the drifters travelling from to town on the railways "you are like the sun so out of reach only prettier"
  22. Librarian Warlord
    Librarian Warlord stalking the corridors, sorting out the shelves taking over cities while reading for hours, would you eliminate someone or give them a second chance for returning a book with a page ripped out?! love the guitar
  23. Best Friend
    by Lisa Crawley
    Nice poppy tune
    that reminds me of my best friend :)