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  1. Black One
    by SUNN O)))
  2. Exit El Hombre Invisible (For Joan Vollmer Burroughs)
    by David J & Comrades
    by The Lord
  4. 'Comin’ ‘round (Directly)' / 'Comin’ ‘round (Blind Date)'
    by Edvard Graham Lewis
  5. Get This: 32 Tracks For Free - A Tribute to Peter Rehberg
    by $ pwgen 20
  6. ‘E.N.D.A.N.G.E.R.M.E.N.T.’ / ‘The Girl With The Golden Hips’
    by The Lounge Bar Orchestra
  7. It Is Finished When It’s Destroyed / Ghost Foxes
    by The Academy Of Sun
    It Is Finished When It's Destroyed It Is Finished When It's Destroyed
  8. Crumb Dropper
    by Insides
  9. Plundered Lumber
    by Fergus Kelly
  10. 23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar
    by Steven Severin
  11. ... and darkness came
    by Various
  12. Rocket Wife Remix Contest
    by Tara Busch
  13. Anatomy Of A Tear