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  1. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon
    Reaganomics Reaganomics
  2. 2YR, 40:28.649
    by Halley Labs Associates
    Diving Again, Blinding Blackness Diving Again, Blinding Blackness
  3. The Recovery of the Absolute Artifact
    by Rotteen
    Rave N' Roll Rave N' Roll
  4. View-Monster
    by Lemon Demon
    Amnesia Was Her Name Amnesia Was Her Name
  5. Nature Tapes EP
    by Lemon Demon
    Two Trucks Two Trucks
  6. I Am Become Christmas EP
    by Lemon Demon
    Christmas Will Be Soon Christmas Will Be Soon
  7. Adventures With Tweesee
    by Darius + Rotteen
    Two Cirrate Cubiforms Two Cirrate Cubiforms
  8. Floating Rooms
    by June LaLonde
    Grey Eminence (Feat. Melissa Fox) Grey Eminence (Feat. Melissa Fox)
  9. Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII
    by Rotteen
    Errorblasterz Errorblasterz
  10. Saturdaze
    by Starcadian
    Ultralove Ultralove
  11. Supernova / Hiraita
    by Rchetype
    Supernova Supernova
  12. Prismatic
    by The Queenstons
    Street Railway Street Railway
  13. EP
    by Mystery Skulls
    Money Money
  14. No More Eight Bit
    by All Levels at Once
    Plain Sight Plain Sight
  15. Synesthesia
    by General Mumble
    How You Set Me On Fire How You Set Me On Fire
  16. Voyager
    by Ariah
    Wings Over Nyleve Wings Over Nyleve
  17. Missing Character
    by ◻
    Ouroboroalis Ouroboroalis
  18. Manehattan - Single
    by Asi Meskin & The Living Tombstone
    Manehatten Manehatten
    by RQ
  20. Sunset Blood
    by Starcadian
    Chinatown Chinatown