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  1. The Super Slam Bros. Melee EP
    by DJ Slammeister
    Slamfield (Battlefield) Slamfield (Battlefield)
  2. Speedstar
    by Toni Leys
    by Ubiktune
    Modulationarism Modulationarism
  4. A Million Miles Away
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
    This Feeling (w/Soul Bell) This Feeling (w/Soul Bell)
    I think this has to be one of my favorites! It's so god damn funky! I love it! I highly recommend this unique and amazing album!
  5. Floral Shoppe
    by Macintosh Plus
    ブート ブート
  6. Random Smash Hits
    by Yoann Turpin
    Simple Life Simple Life
    This has to be an immediate purchase for any Chiptune / Electronic / Jazz fan! Yoann Turpin has made an incredible album of super catchy, warm and smooth songs! I look forward for the day I see more Random Smash Hits albums from Yoann!
  7. Project Paula - Amiga
    by Project Paula
    Apidya Apidya
    You've got to love those synth tones! This is a very catchy and innovative album!
  8. Cheapbeats x Cheapbeats VOL01
    by Cheapbeats
    Tobokegao - Blueberry Pie (The Chunderfins Cover) Tobokegao - Blueberry Pie (The Chunderfins Cover)
    Just listen to Blueberry Pie! This album is filled with some really funky and catchy tunes and sounds! It is definitely worth a listen!
  9. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
    Prologue Prologue
    This album is great! Its lively, its creative and its super fun to listen to! It's like you're playing an old cartridge game and the feeling you get is just, surreal! I highly suggest this album! It reminds me alot of the super catchy music from the Undertale OST and the I Miss You - Earthbound 2012 albums
  10. The Seventy-Trillion Wonders of the Multiverse
    by The Mann / Mannticore
    Chapter 4: Ascension Chapter 4: Ascension
    Apart from making this album, I love this album because it was made with the love and dedication I have for music. I love just about anything and I especially love those who create objects or audio. I chose to create audio because I love the creativity and flexibility. You can make anything so long as you put your mind to it!
  11. Space Force
    by Rymdkraft
    Corvegubbe Corvegubbe
    I first heard this wonderful album when playing Chiptune Hero on Steam. I fell in love as soon as I heard Corvegubbe. I'd listen to it for hours while programming and then sleep with it ringing in my head. Thankfully I no longer suffer these symptoms but regardless, I love this work!
  12. Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 1
    by Chiptunes = WIN
    パーティーで最もきれいな女の子 パーティーで最もきれいな女の子
  13. Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2
    by Chiptunes = WIN
    Just The Right Amount of Whelm (Qubert Dancing The Paisley Underground) Just The Right Amount of Whelm (Qubert Dancing The Paisley Underground)
  14. Höllental
    by Zweihänder
    Dragons Must Be Lonely Dragons Must Be Lonely
  15. A Guns of Icarus Winter
    by Muse Games
    Christmas Spirit Christmas Spirit
    My favorite Christmas Album... not because I helped make it or something like that... This project was a very fun one to help out on and worth the $15 I contributed for absolutely no reason! I'm still waiting on those promised Christmas Titles for this Muse! :P
  16. The Trillmont Playbook
    by Dr. Wylie
    Perception Perception
  17. Power Overwhelming
    by Big Bad Bosses
    Another Villiain Another Villiain
    If you love the Starbomb Albums or NSP, this album is the cake on the tri-force! This album was put together by a bunch of friends and made into a wonderful piece! Its catchy, its fun and its very enjoyable. I especially love the Another Villain piece - it gives off a sort of Looney Tunes Musical Vibe.. maybe I am just crazy but it really is a good album in my opinion.
  18. wave 002
    by wavemob
    Castle (Ft. Madi Larson) Castle (Ft. Madi Larson)
  19. wave 001
    by wavemob
    Indicate Indicate
  20. [happy_robot]
    by Sim Gretina
    I Didn't Expect It To Be This Funky I Didn't Expect It To Be This Funky
  21. Determination
    by RichaadEB // Ace Waters
    Oase de Dans (ft. ToxicxEternity) Oase de Dans (ft. ToxicxEternity)
    I remember coming across this artist on YouTube and subscribed immediately! They then blessed us with this album which I also purchased upon discovery! It contains many of the Undertale classics reformatted with a rock twist! They're super cool and very fun to listen to!
  22. Determination: The Purple Side
    by RichaadEB // Ace Waters
    Primer (Ft. The8BitDrummer) Primer (Ft. The8BitDrummer)
    Just listen to that beautiful guitar from Primer and tell me this album is not well made? This is the second of the Undertale Albums produced by the Guitar Master RichaadEB and it is just as good as the first!
  23. I Miss You - EarthBound 2012
    by Various Artists
    Thanks, Buzz Buzz Thanks, Buzz Buzz