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  1. Foetus
  2. Die Weisse Rose – White Roses in Bloom In Kyiv
    by Old Captain
  3. Ostarbeiter – The Iron Era
    by Old Captain
  4. There Is A Place
    by Maisha
  5. Sapindales
    by Martin Iddon
  6. Piano and String Quartet
    by Morton Feldman
  7. Any Way, Shape, or Form
    by Adam Pacione
  8. The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)
    by Brian Eno
  9. Early Man
    by Steve Roach
  10. Gemstones II [CYD 0035]
    by Cyclical Dreams
  11. Sequence at the end of the world [CYD 0023]
    by Cartas de Japón
  12. Gemstones [CYD 0012]
    by Cyclical Dreams
  13. Night Flight
    by Lisa Bella Donna
  14. Shawnee, Ohio
  15. Number Pieces
    by John Cage
  16. Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV) (Expanded Edition)
    by Brian Eno
  17. Timelined Exterior
    by Indricothere / Geryon
  18. Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives
    by Various Artists
  19. Hyperrealist Music, ハイパーリアリスト・ミュージック, 2011-2015
    by Noah Creshevsky ノア・クレシェフスキー
  20. in cobalt aura sleeps
    by Kassel Jaeger Jim O’Rourke