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  1. Cyberfunk!
    by Mother's Cake
    Crystals in the Sky Crystals in the Sky
    unique, fresh, uplifting fusion music! just give it a try!
  2. Sprout
    by Triptonus
    Apfelmanntanz Apfelmanntanz
  3. Hopebringer
    Cloudhunter Cloudhunter
    Extremely creative technical metal stuff. I'm thrilled by the range of the gutturals (hardcore-esque shouts, growls etc.) found in this masterpiece, but more importantly: The melodic riffage which gives this EP an overall epic sound. Way to go!
  4. Separate
    by Luke Dowsett
    by Undesirable People
    Bishop Park Bishop Park
  6. Forces At Play
    by Luke Dowsett
    Such a great song! And even better: Thanks for donating the proceeds from this song to a charity! :)
  7. Standing Waves
    by Black Neon District
    Ghost Line Ghost Line
    I can only second flightoficarus' review on this - very uplifting and inspiring music. Feels like bathing in emotions!
  8. A Boat on the Sea
    by Moron Police
    Captain Awkward Captain Awkward
    Best album 2019 IMO!
    Sithu Aye-esque riffs, awesome refrains and so much energy and fun!
  9. Van Gogh
    by OL'CD
  10. Impulse Voices
    by Plini
  11. Creation's Finest
    by Mother's Cake
    Soulprison Part I Soulprison Part I
    Psychedelic grooves! Nuff said. Just listen! :)
  12. Polymorphism
    by Thrailkill
    Not Yet Not Yet
    Relaxing prog including great guitar work. Gives the feeling of being an older record (in a positive way!). Decelerating and engrossing at the same time. Love it!
  13. birds / surfers
    by Plini
    birds birds
    Some "1745 7381 3265 2578" vibes there! Beautiful music by Plini, again :)
  14. Camel Driver
    by Camel Driver
    Wedding Wedding
    Something special for stoner rock lovers :) The whole album is extremely infectious and maintains a perfect balance between crushing metal and smooth guitar work. Greets from Karlsruhe! ;-)
  15. Seeming
    by Helios
  16. Defenders of the Small Yard
    by Moron Police
  17. Choose 7"
    by Undesirable People
  18. The Propaganda Machine
    by Moron Police
  19. predawn (acoustic)
    by covet
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Salt + Charcoal
    by Plini