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  1. Magenta
    by Seajeff
    by Ubiktune
  3. Late night headphones Vol.1&2
    by Esbe
  4. Didn't I
    by Esbe
  5. Late night headphones Vol.3
    by Esbe
  6. Bloomsday
    by Esbe
  7. Thank you Nujabes Tribute
    by Esbe
  8. Weightless
    by Pogo
  9. Brute Force
    by The Algorithm
  10. Flint
    by Bill Laurance
    Ready Wednesday Ready Wednesday
    This album is spectacular. You should listen to it.
  11. Velocity
    by Stig
  12. Tribute to the Masters Vol.2
    by ProleteR
  13. Tides of Time
    by Alex Roe
  14. Waveform 5
    by Joshua Morse
  15. Mass Media Constant
    by zircon
  16. The Lighthouse
    by Kartmaze
  17. Antigravity
    by zircon
  19. Tribute to the Masters Vol.1
    by ProleteR
    Ella Fitzgerald - Basin Street Blues (ProleteR tribute) Ella Fitzgerald - Basin Street Blues (ProleteR tribute)
    Long live ProleteR
  20. Identity Sequence
    by zircon
    The Expanse The Expanse
    This is a truly incredible album. One of a kind. It took me a few goes to really appreciate it, but I've listened to it over 40 times now according to Still fresh!
  21. A for Amiga
    by cTrix
  22. Hardscrabble
    by The Flashbulb
  23. Big Steel Wheels
    by Seajeff
  24. Encounters
    by Zantilla
  25. Feeding the lions EP
    by ProleteR
    Slits Slits
    Incredible stuff
    by bryface
  27. Waveform 4
    by Joshua Morse
    Galactic EQ Bands Galactic EQ Bands
    Can't stop listening to this. Please send help.
  28. Hybridism
    by Joshua Morse
    Nano East Nano East
    Can't believe I only just discovered this album. It's glorious!
  29. Veil
    by Michael Bernier
  30. Seven Journeys to a New Home
    by Kartmaze
    Agravaine's Legacy Agravaine's Legacy
    We could really do with more music like this.
  31. When Late Becomes Early
    by halc & Miearth
    Triangulation Triangulation
    Two very distinctive sounds combine to form an unforgettable album.
  32. Triptunes
    by Blitz Lunar
  33. Diad
    by Diad
  34. Quite Operational
    by Monomer
  35. Chip Ship
    by Yoann Turpin
  36. Midnight Orphans (B-Sides)
    by Disasterpeace
  37. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
  38. Indomitable Souls
    by Alex Roe
    Showoff Showoff
    This album can turn any activity into a high-stakes battle of life and death. Your work commute will never be the same again!
  39. Parallel Processing
    by Danimal Cannon and Zef
    Parallel Processing Parallel Processing
    Possibly the finest example of Gameboy music I've ever heard.
  40. Roots
    by Danimal Cannon
    Synergy (ft. Paul Wardingham, Shnabubula, and Tony Dickinson) Synergy (ft. Paul Wardingham, Shnabubula, and Tony Dickinson)
    Took a few listens for this one to grow on me, but it's a keeper. Love that Gameboy sound!
  41. It's Electric
    by DarkSim
    by Disasterpeace & Dirk Rugged
  44. Motorway
    by Fearofdark
  45. Strings of Time
    by Alex Roe