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  1. Relapse Sampler 2019
    by Relapse Sampler
  2. Black Sire
    by Black Sire
  3. Demo
    by The Goners
  5. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  6. Let's Save Dreams
    by Snowy Dunes
  7. Octubre
    by L.A. WITCH
  8. Departed Souls
    by Magic Circle
  9. Fears Of The Dead
    by Duel
  10. Witch of the Future
    by Black Road
  11. Free the Witch EP
  12. LIVE AT DUBLINS 10/24/14
    by High n' Heavy
  13. Live Bootleg: Vinnum Sabbathi @Liverpool, UK
    by Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs
  14. RUST
    by Monolord
  15. Slowner
    by Slowner
  16. No Comfort
    by Monolord
  17. Devil's Hour
    by Wraith
  18. Snakes for the Divine
    by High On Fire
  19. Glacial Rule
    by ATTALLA
  20. Unholy Frequencies
    by Maurin Quina
  21. Demo
    by Green Inferno
  22. Tales from a Space Cavern (Split w/Owain)
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  23. Black Magic Man
    by Psychedelic Witchcraft
  24. The Sun
    by Puta Volcano
  25. The Ginger Sessions [EP]
    by Lewis and the Strange Magics
  26. Magick rites and spells
    by Psychedelic Witchcraft
  27. Decomposed
    by Decomposed
  28. Blade Killer
    by Blade Killer
  29. Promo 2018
    by Psychic Hit
  30. Woodland Rites
    by Green Lung
  31. High Plains
    by Youngblood Supercult
  32. Cold Front
    by Freeways
    New Drag City New Drag City
    Is Klaus Meine the vocalist of this band? You guys are too awesome, can’t wait for my cassette to arrive!!!🤘🏽
  33. Uncivilized
    by POUNDER
  34. No Fear To Persevere
    by Manacle
  35. WEEDIAN Volume 1
    by Various
  36. High Risk
    by Blade Killer
  37. Blood Of The Raven
    by Burn Ritual
  38. Tropa Magica Y La Muerte De Los Commons
    by Tropa Magica
  39. I Carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  40. The Good Earth is Dying (Split w/ Cegvera)
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  41. The Great American Death Rattle
    by Youngblood Supercult
  42. Pilgrims
    by Stoned Jesus
  43. Hijo de la Tormenta - El Manto de la Especie [NR-LP/002]
    by Necio Records
  44. Fuzz Lord
    by Fuzz Lord
  45. Última Ciudad De Tierra
    by Pieles