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  1. A Musical Metanoia
    by The H.E.M.I.S.P.H.E.R.E. Music Movement
  2. Some Kind of Cadwallader
    by Algernon Cadwallader
  3. The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival
    by The Lower Lights
  4. Defying Gravity
    by Jon Mess
  5. Away With Words
    by inthebackground
    Everyone is Shy - And so is That Guy Everyone is Shy - And so is That Guy
  6. Adventurer
    by Adventurer
  7. Things Left Unsaid
    by Crimson Arrow
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  8. Wild,Jealous,Youth
    by Televangelist
    Letters Letters
    Such an incredible band, pulling post-rock, math rock, progressive and post hardcore elements for this PERFECT blend of euphoric pleasure, it shreds but hits those atmospheric climaxes at the same time. This band needs so much more recognition, so much talent that bleeds through this record. Shout out Anthony!
  9. Everything Is Beautiful
    by kurt travis
    Overthinking Overthinking
  10. Newborn Sun
    by CHON
    wut the.. (poop) wut the.. (poop)
    by Secret Band
    Honey Boo Buscemi Honey Boo Buscemi
    Jon Mess is a lyrical beast. His scream is so unique and I'm in love with the fact that this project allows him to explore his voice a bit more (both literally and figuratively [those sing/screams on Honey Boo Buscemi and Meat Fetish are ufff]). Of course Will is the man, I see a different side of Matt (which is good), but i think the real star here is Martin. His heavier insight is truly what makes this album what it is. His riffs are heavy, progressive and oh so smart.
  12. Sianvar EP
    by Sianvar
    Virtual Vain Virtual Vain
    The technicality, progressive musicality and sweet grooving finesse that each one of these stellar musicians create as a flowing unit is something i only imagined in my wildest dreams, and their music is unparalleled. Looking forward to the LP!

    p.s. we miss you already butter
  13. POW! Right In The Kisser!
    by Hail The Sun
    There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea (Too Bad You're Not A Fish) There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea (Too Bad You're Not A Fish)
    Such a fun record!
  14. Two-Thousand Something (20XX)
    by Mj Apollo
    Dimension 37 Dimension 37
    Great production, smooth atmospheric vibes, intelligent lines in the lyrics that bare a lot of real life.
  15. Allomaternal
    by Stolas
    Fair Chase Fair Chase
    These guys are such great musicians, writers and lyricist. Nobody like them, though you might be able to compare, these guys are really unique. I cant wait to see them grow considering they're a pretty young band. Everything from Jason and Carlo's vocals (and the way they've improved) Sergio and Jason's keen, crisp guitar work, and dear lord, RJ is like at the pinnacle of great bassist in this scene, he is so solid. This album is great, a must buy for allllll! Support this band they are great!