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  1. Upon Desecrated Altars
  2. Burning Spiritual Crypts
  3. Gallery Of Suicide
    by Cannibal Corpse
    Dismembered and Molested Dismembered and Molested
    An oft overlooked album within the CC pantheon, which is a shame because it's among their best. It was Pat O'Brien's first album appearance and he really invigorated the songwriting.
  4. Too Dark Park
    by Skinny Puppy
    Shore Lined Poison Shore Lined Poison
    This was my introduction to Skinny Puppy, and it was a rough ride. It fundamentally changed my perception of what music is "supposed" to be.
  5. Melissa
    by Mercyful Fate
    Satan's Fall Satan's Fall
    Probably the greatest metal album of the 1980s. It's pure perfection. Peerless songwriting.
  6. Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
    by Burial
    Absent Visions Conceive Unspeakable Beings Absent Visions Conceive Unspeakable Beings
    Cavernous, doom-heavy death metal with eldritch horrors lurking in its depths.
  7. Season of Mist 2023 compilation
    by Season of Mist Compilations
  8. Prophecies of Eternal Darkness
    by Necrofier
  9. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
    Fate’s Tangled Thread Fate’s Tangled Thread
    Thoroughly enjoyable album, pleasantly surprised.
  10. Embracing The Lightless Depths
  11. Infernal Warriors of Death
    by Blaspherian
    In The Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory In The Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory
    Raw, evil death metal with a menacing atmosphere. Plenty of doomy passages to satisfy fans of early Incantation, Bolt Thrower.
  12. Rotting Body In The Range Of Light
  13. Xul
    by Devangelic
    Sirius, Draconis, Capricornus Sirius, Draconis, Capricornus
    Great album, evokes the best moments of Nile.
  14. Ritual of Infinity
    by Morpheus Descends
  15. Decimate Christendom
    No Paradise Awaits No Paradise Awaits
    One of my favorite Incantation albums. John proved himself to be a more than capable vocalist.
  16. Last Rights
    by Skinny Puppy
    Riverz End Riverz End
    A masterpiece. Riverz End is the centerpiece of the album, in my opinion. The layered percussion and choirs-perfection. The song begins with a tone I can only describe as hopeful sorrow, before becoming gradually darker and eventually concluding with a feeling like you're simply letting go and submitting to nothingness.
  17. Incineration Rites
    by Cystic
  18. Aperture Of Body
    by Tomb Mold
  19. Converging Sins
    by ULTHA
  20. Conceived In Sewage
    by Devourment
    Heaving Acid Heaving Acid
    Longtime fans didn't seem to warm to this album because of the reduced slam-based songwriting, but I appreciated the variety. Erik Rutan's production is also a bonus, it fucking sizzles.