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  2. Metal
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  1. On Whom the Sword Shall Fall
  2. Lyrtos
    by Lyrtos
  3. Förslavad
    by AVSLUT
  4. Legion
    by Malum
  5. Ephemeral Visions
    by Frostveil
  6. Black Arts & Alchemy EP
    by Hellripper
  7. Melancholie des Seins
    by Schattenfall
  8. In His Granite Realm
    by Beorn's Hall
  9. Perdition
    by Starcaller
  10. Furor Lunae
    by FLAMEN
  11. Moonsick
    by Lebensgefahr
  12. Mysteries Of Left Path
    by Downcross
  13. Óenach Tailten
    by Úir
  14. Demo MMXVIII II
    by Vukari
  15. Demo MMXVIII
    by Vukari
  16. Men amongst wolves
    by Ermengrond
  17. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
  18. Odious Devotion
  19. My Dismal Tomb (Single)
    by Astral Blood
  20. SYZYGY (EP)
    by Astral Blood
  21. Hǎiyáng 海洋
    by Laang 冷
  22. Huāng 荒 (Redux - Orchestral Album)
    by Laang 冷
  23. Zǐdàn Kǒng 子弹孔 (Single)
    by Laang 冷
  24. Diseased Remnants Of A Dying World (Black Metal)
    by DØDSFERD (Greece)
  25. Oblivion
    by Realm of Wolves
  26. Malepeste / Dysylumn - Ce qui fut, Ce qui est, Ce qui sera
    by Malepeste & Dysylumn
  27. "Hɪðəˈtu"
    by Yovel
  28. Facing Transcendence
    by Över
  29. The Harvest
    by Alaic
  30. Ignifer (single)
    by Realm of Wolves
  31. Spirits Of The Darkwood
    by Atra Mors
  32. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
  33. Ride The Beast
    by Lucifuge
  34. Dismal Ruins, Pt.II
    by ULTHA
  35. Transmutation of Wounds
    by Martröð
  36. Vinland
    by Herrwulf
  37. Storm Borrower
    by Veldes
  38. Transparent to the World
    by blyh
  39. Shores Of Nothingness
    by Realm of Wolves
  40. Isolation And The Ward Of Internal Abuse
    by My Purest Heart For You
  41. Wiltress (Queen of Flowers)
    by Moulderyawn
  42. Katruzsa
    by Hænesy
  43. We Disappear
    by Hegemone
  44. Mortals
    by Hænesy
  45. Ávitun
    by Sárr