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  1. Orbis Terrarum Revolution
    by Somnium de Lycoris
  2. Dogma of the Deceased
    by Carnosus
  3. The Fruit of Barren Fields
    by Dreichmere
  4. Confession of a Fellow Citizen
    by Solipsismo
  5. Gravefields - Embrace the Void
    by Gravefields
  6. Vitrified Entity
    by Vitrified Entity
  7. Vore
    by Serocs
  8. Bathed In Ash
    by Patrons of The Rotting Gate
  9. Palingenesis
    by Embodiment
  10. Reinventing The Eel
    by Vampire Squid
  11. The Wise
    by Geostygma
  12. Genesis Of Perdition
    by Monotheist
  13. Natural Selection
    by Dissolution
  14. Insects And Interlopers
    by Dissolution
  15. Unbirth | Fleshforged Columns Of Deceit
    by New Standard Elite
  16. Molested Divinity | Unearthing the Void
    by New Standard Elite
  17. Ergodic EP
    by Ergodic
  18. Remember You Are Dust
    by ENTHEOS
  19. Overwhelming Chaos
  20. A Mother's Touch
    by Astringency