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  1. The Philosopher's Tone
    by Hedflux
    Gift of the Goddess Gift of the Goddess
    I stumbled upon this album by someone's recommendation and I haven't left it yet. Great stuff! The album just keeps getting better as you go.
  2. Jello and Jaice EP
    by Hibernation ft. Jello Vibes
  3. Animism
    by Entheogenic
  4. Remixed: Body.Mind.Soul. Pt. 1
    by Kaya Project
  5. Flux & Contemplation - Portrait of an Artist in Isolation
    by Simon Posford
  6. Beats Antique & Gurbax - Dirty South
    by Beats Antique
  7. The Devil Dance w/ Balkan Bump
    by Beats Antique
  8. Searching For A Fogbow
    by Kukan-Dub-Lagan
    In The Fogbow - Continuous DJ Mix by Kukan Dub Lagan In The Fogbow - Continuous DJ Mix by Kukan Dub Lagan
    What a terrific journey! Much needed vibes that wrap me like a warm hug. I love how it progresses and surprises. I've replayed this album over and over, gets me through tough times. Thanks for the album mix - what a gem!
    Standout tracks: Searching For the Fogbow, Mawkish Cookies, A Cloud of Candyfloss. But really they're all amazing tracks!
  9. Floatless
    by Banco de Gaia
  10. Keepsake (ft. Drumspyder & Jef Stott)
    by David Starfire & Arula
  11. Additions
    by Radioactive Sandwich
  12. Bottom Feeders
    by saQi & Isaac Chambers
  13. Kamanja
    by Temple Step & Jonny Joon
  14. Watayana (Sacred Waters Mix)
    by Temple Step and Kailash Kokopelli
  15. Organic Technology
    by Hibernation
  16. body.mind.soul
    by Kaya Project
  17. Zymosis «Timeless» (24bit)
    by Sentimony Records
  18. Desert Dwellers Live @ Fillmore 12-6-19
    by Desert Dwellers
    I adore this mix! I've had it on replay during the pandemic. Amazing vibes, dope tracks, doesn't get old. Thank you!
  19. Noraus
    by Noraus
  20. The Grand Bizarre
    by Beats Antique