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  1. Atrament
    by A Sense of Gravity
  2. CD Bundles
    by CD Bundles
    1. The Old City - OST - Atrium Carceri
    2. Genesis - Paleowolf
    3. Winter Restlessness - Mount Shrine
    4. Deus Sive Natura - Creation VI
    5. Visitors - EXIMIA
  3. Celeste
    by The Plagued Raven
    Cloud Forger Cloud Forger
    Katie just adds a whole new layer to this band that I always felt would fit so well! Pure Ambient bliss with grooves to match!
  4. Peripety
    by Kardashev
  5. The Almanac [EP]
    by Kardashev
    Between Sea and Sky Between Sea and Sky
    The blackgaze combines so well into the mix! So unique and wow those clean vocals and spoken word samples really put you into a trance!
  6. The Moon Lit Our Path
    by Tempel
    Tomb of the Ancients Tomb of the Ancients
    The dark, dismal, and dramatic atmosphere is what initially attracted me to this band on their first release and this album is no exception!
  7. Book I: Dr. Breacher
    by Others by No One
    Brand-New Remedy Brand-New Remedy
    Super wacky, quirky, and a fun ride i can't stop listening to!
  8. The Light Years
    by Aviations
    Dizziness Explained Dizziness Explained
    Been following this band since their first EP and the wait was well worth it! A quality album from quality musicians!
  9. Ldaovh Trilogy
    by Cold Womb Descent
    The absolute best for stargazing and meditation!