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  1. All Round the Light Said + Far O'er the Sounding Main
    by Joshua Burnside
  2. Horizons
    by Jasmine Myra
    Awakening Awakening
    Ar fheabhas! My favourite memory of this album so far is showing it to my friend while we played pool - he was dancing round the table with his cue, unstoppable!
  3. Broadway
    by Pio Hartnett
    Silky smooth with edible lyrics.
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  4. Mercury Sessions
    by John Mark McMillan
    Gods of American Success Gods of American Success
    Explosive stuff. And a poignant recollection about the days when our “electric past” beckons, and how it cannot compare to our longing for something deeper and stronger.
  5. is that all there is?
    by amy michelle
    the bottom of the well the bottom of the well
    In my apocalyptic dream
    You’re twenty feet ahead of me
    I’m sitting in the driver’s seat
    It’s time that you admit defeat
    I don’t know what came over me
    You’re floating in a sea of teeth
    The crowd’s applauding endlessly
    It all goes wrong at seventeen

    ...Gives me chills every time. Serious talent, well done
  6. Take This Land
    by Poor & Humble Heart
    Heart Your Voice (Part One) Heart Your Voice (Part One)
    Songs of praise and worship to the Lamb, from the heart. Thank you friends!
  7. Grand Prix
    by Pio Hartnett
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  8. Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)
    by CMAT
  9. Always Faithful
    by Allie Paige
    Delight in You Delight in You
    Jesus + Alternative = my jam (or our jam really)
  10. Roses
    by Pio Hartnett
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  11. the bottom of the well
    by amy michelle
  12. Sign In EP
    by Evergreen
    En Douce En Douce
    I love this EP, so catchy and reflective too. And that clarinet... it gets me every time!
  13. Comes and Goes
    by Allie Paige
    For Your Glory For Your Glory
    So good, prayers and worship sung from the heart that have helped me during lockdowns. Love the piano, guitars, bass, drums and synth too... my jam
  14. Zephyrus
    by The Oh Hellos
    Holding On Where I Am Able Holding On Where I Am Able
    A sweet finish to this adventurous 4-part epic! The sound world you have created with these is stunning!
  15. Boreas
    by The Oh Hellos
    Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
    Its becoming difficult to say which of this 4-part series is my favourite! My favourite part is in Lapis Lazuli, in that lovely line, “and I found a blue”. I can’t think of anywhere I have heard a song capture so well that moment of surprise which comes after a while of ‘knowing’ a thing or person. Thank you from Ireland!
  16. Into the Depths of Hell
    by Joshua Burnside
    Will You Go or Must I Will You Go or Must I
    Ive listened to the full thing through now thrice. It was still hard to pick a favourite song! As a blow-in, living in Ulster sometimes leaves me perplexed: “why can’t we move on from the events of the last century?”, I have wondered. Well, you’ve helped this millenial unblock his ears - the wax began to melt even during the first track - opening up a way into the hopes and fears of a land and a people.
  17. Dunes
    by Pio Hartnett & Tobi- A
    What I hear in it is that moment when two people come to a threshold in a relationship, and what might be possible around the corner. Great track!
  18. Genealogy, Vol. 1
    by The Orient
    Abraham Abraham
    Pilgrimage meets retro Daft Punk.
  19. À propos ∞ Réplique
    by JP Hartnett
    À Propos À Propos
    My friend overheard and wondered what film it was from. A good one, just hasn't been made yet :)
  20. Imbas
    by Ensemble Ériu