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  1. Wrist Demo
    by Wrist
    Tonight Tonight
    I actually like the first 4 a lot, crude recordings but super catchy riffs and vocal melodies. Mark "Burial" has still got it.
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  2. Bird Stealing Bread
    by Iron & Wine
    I love when songs make me cry.
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  3. TRU
    by Ovlov
    Short Morgan Short Morgan
    might not be entirely accurate to my situation but i really feel that second verse fits my situation and is a good FK U to a dumb girl i knew
  4. Smiles Everyone
    by Honcho Overload
  5. New Day
    by Thoughts Detecting Machines
  6. Molasses
    by Honcho Overload
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  7. Unicorns & Rainbows
    by Honcho Overload
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  8. The Oldest Shit in the Book
    by Love Cup
    Deanna Deanna
    lofi love
  9. Prophetic High Days Double EP
    by The Mezzanines
    He's On The Patrol He's On The Patrol
    Its a masterpiece. Its got it all; weird chord changes, a lot of catchy hooks, doubletime rhythms, nice harmonies between guitar and vocals or bass and guitar. It always gets me pissed.
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  10. Who Is? The Thin Frederick
    by The Thin Frederick
    Small Spaces Small Spaces
    Very atmospheric 10/10
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  11. Maximum Top Out
    by The Mezzanines
    Listen to this one everyday too.
  12. Lovecup Is Manipulating The Robot Arm
    by Love Cup
    Naanos Got Stoned Naanos Got Stoned
    Good Shit
  13. Astronomical Faceplants
    by The Mezzanines
    Waiting For A Sign Waiting For A Sign
    No words to describe what a great album this is.