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    by Scald
    Vermoid Arachnoid Vermoid Arachnoid
    An ingenius blend of disparate metal genres into one hallucinogenic nightmare.

    The soundtrack to an H.R. Giger film that never was.
  2. Enemy of the Sun
    by Neurosis
    Raze the Stray Raze the Stray
    A song of hellfire and void devourment. Neurosis is untouchable.

    If atmospheric ruin is what you desire, then become an enemy of the sun.
  3. Orchards of a Futile Heaven
    by The Body & Dis Fig
    Coils of Kaa Coils of Kaa
    Upon here my body dies, unsatisfied yet at peace. Deliver unto us the DISquiet of the beyond.

    They can do no wrong.
  4. Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound
    by Full of Hell
    Blinding Erasure Blinding Erasure
  5. The Thousandfold Epicentre
    by The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
    The Madness of Serpents The Madness of Serpents
    Of beauty, of malice, of serenity, of chaos; the third and last straight masterpiece from the ominous enigma that was The Devil's Blood.

    The veil has burned away, and what was behind it was beyond human thought.

  6. Entrench
    by KEN mode
    No; I'm In Control No; I'm In Control
  7. Confluence
    by WAKE
    Beyond Empyrean Beyond Empyrean
  8. Lovecraftian Echoes
    by Blut Aus Nord
    The Abyss Between The Stars The Abyss Between The Stars
    There is not one hell, but many.
  9. Void of Infinite Horror
    by Vessel Of Iniquity
    Mother of Abomination Mother of Abomination
  10. KAIDAN
    by Acryl Madness
    Vengeance Path Vengeance Path
    Drown in an ocean of neon red and take back the night.

    Underrated darksynth.
  11. Othervoid
    by Transit Method
    Psychometry Psychometry
    If Cave-In were less sludgy and more proggy, they would sound something like Transit Method.

    Very good.
  12. Éons
    To The Earth: NGANGA - Grand Guérisseur Magique de l’ère Probocène To The Earth: NGANGA - Grand Guérisseur Magique de l’ère Probocène
    A straight-up mind fuck of a mad oddessey incomparable to almost anything else in existence.

    This is Apocalypse Now.
  13. Rebellion Hymns
    by MAN'S GIN
    Deer Head In The Rain Deer Head In The Rain
    More diverse and hellbent than their debut, Man's Gin encapsulates isolation and decay in the Mountainous West.
  14. Trace
    by Helen Money/Will Thomas
    She Never Suspected She Never Suspected
    A minimalist symphony of brooding darkness.

  15. Smiling Dogs
    by MAN'S GIN
    Smiling Dogs Smiling Dogs
    If Springsteen became nilhilistic and got shit-faced while recording Nebraska, it would probably sound something like Man's Gin.

    Playing at a hole in the wall near you.
  16. Genesis of Malignant Entropy
    Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance
    A gut-slitting, ass-reaming, orgiastic sonic skullfuck of a good time.

    One of the best of 2023.
  17. Sulfuric Hatred
    World Fucking Collapsing World Fucking Collapsing
  18. Utter Human Annihilation
    by Misanthropic War
    Hail of Bombs Hail of Bombs
  19. Become Zero
    by Helen Money
    Leviathan Leviathan
    Helen Money provides a demonstration of grief that's both sobering, visceral, and beautiful.

    Soul-healing art.
  20. The Umbersun
    by Elend
    Apocalypse Apocalypse