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  1. Starchild
    by Common Saints
    Dreams Dreams
    music to soothe my strained soul.

    this EP is great, you can really see the progression from the previous release.

    incredibly relaxing!
  2. City Slicker
    by Ginger Root
    Juban District Juban District
    I have always loved ginger root!

    in this EP, the technical side has been substantially increased!

    a warm feeling comes over me when I hear a ginger root track, beautiful as always.

    I will look at these albums with value when I grow older, timeless!

    keep rockin' ginger root!

  3. Summer's Over
    by Jordana and TV Girl
    Jump the Turnstile Jump the Turnstile
    Beautiful EP; romantic, dreamy and relaxing.

    Jordana perfectly complements TV Girl's style, it's always a pleasure hearing a new TV Girl release!
  4. The Great Dismal
    by Nothing
    In Blueberry Memories In Blueberry Memories
  5. Untourable Album
    by Men I Trust
    Serenade Of Water Serenade Of Water
  6. Lustful Sacraments
    Secret Devotion (ft. True Body) Secret Devotion (ft. True Body)
    Absolutely phenomenal.

    the technical skill amassed from the years of his work has reached a new apex, I was a big fan of the change of pace from "New Model" this in my opinion takes it a step above, switching to a different subgenre entirely. a much more matured pertubator! (not that I didn't enjoy the other synthwave releases)

    the uncanny, deberate way "True Body" sings about showing how to "kill on command" is chilling. "Secret Devotion" and "Death of the Soul" are my favorites hands-down.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Run, Sally, Run! Run, Sally, Run!
    great artist. genius production, spot-on in terms of style and era. dark, technical, synths and tons of flair. you're a peanut brain if you say this is not impressive.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Cheerleader Effect Cheerleader Effect
    brut never ceases to impress, truly a well constructed album. I really enjoyed the direction this album went.
  9. Machine Girl - WLFGRL
    by Dred Collective
    Machine Girl - Out By 16, Dead on the Scene Machine Girl - Out By 16, Dead on the Scene
    a classic machine girl album, out by 16 being one of the more popular choices cause i guess people can ease into machine girl's style through this track. a timeless creation with thought provoking, high energy, technical finesse.
  10. Gemini
    by Machine Girl
    Crystalline Chute (Falling1) Crystalline Chute (Falling1)
    the energy conveyed within this album.. a highly recommended experience in my opinion. the rhythmic genius within these tracks is quite something.
  11. U-Void Synthesizer
    by Machine Girl
    Devil Speak Devil Speak
    by REIN
  13. Headroom
    by Men I Trust
    Again ft. Ghostly Kisses Again ft. Ghostly Kisses
  14. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
    All Night All Night
    super relaxed album with very intelligent lyrics about love and human subtleties (especially in "All Night") it can be difficult to understand the lyrics but id recommend reading them. quality execution and strong expression.
  15. Under The Weather
    by homeshake
    Feel Better Feel Better
  16. Helium
    by homeshake
    Nothing Could Be Better Nothing Could Be Better
    hazy/clouded, melodic, excellent emotive gestures. great expression and production overall.
  17. Simulation Ride
    by Merpire
    Easy Easy
  18. sampler
    by haircuts for men
    weakling heart weakling heart
  19. microwaves
    by Trevor Something
    No One Cares No One Cares
  20. Dusting For Smoke
    by Daniel Avery