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  1. out of the ... and into your own light
  2. Helios
  3. Dipartimento Della Riscrittura
    by VACVVM
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  4. Ultimate Answer
    by Binaural Space
    Eternity Is Forever Eternity Is Forever
    There are ambient elements in Binaural Space's music, to be sure, but it's really a collection of alternately playful and beautiful synth textures and melodies, akin to the best of early German synth music. Each album so far has been a charismatic, immersive listen.
  5. The Still Guardian
    by Matt Borghi & Loneward
    Recognition Recognition
    This is exactly how you'd expect a union of two top talents to sound: perfect. Altus's textures combined with Borghi's electric guitar work (sometimes a bit Frippy on this one) make for one of the best ambient music experiences you will ever have.
  6. Anthropos
    Anthropos (into your own light) Anthropos (into your own light)
    This is stunning work that combines ambient music with the best aspects of black metal in a way that will surprise and delight you, even if you have little taste for the latter genre. Totally original music.
  7. Organic Drone
    by Seffi Starshine
  8. Long Read Memories
    by Whettman Chelmets
  9. Beyond The Horizon
    by Jessica Grant
  10. Calm With Fire - Single
    by Guitar PK
  11. Kaleidoscopic Perception
    by Seffi Starshine
  12. [Re]Collected
    by Darren Harper
  13. Equanimity
    by Phillip Wilkerson
  14. This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation
    by Prosthion Recordings
  15. Hymns
    by Alan Morse Davies
  16. Home
    by Loneward
    Memories Past Memories Past
    Loneward being Altus's "ambient" project, allowing him to indulge the more soundtracky, new agey parts of his interests elsewhere, has also allowed him to focus on a more minimal, expansive, drifty side to his compositions. This really does feel like a peaceful home I want to live in. Goes well with a little vintage Thom Brennan.
  17. lavender pink
    Engrams Engrams
    Wake In June manages to cop the sounds of late eighties college-rock (LOTS of chorus) and low-fi music (think Kiwipop like The Bats) but do something personal and new with it. There is a very appealing consistency and flow throughout the the whole album.
  18. Path Of Totality
    by Here On Mars and Nocterminal
    The Void Is Calling The Void Is Calling
    I'm a former music reviewer, so forgive the 'reference' approach here—but—this is a deep, dark mixture of industrial electronica with hard rock that calls to mind such luminaries as Killing Joke, Rammstein, Lunatic Soul, and Opeth, amongst others. Here on Mars's vocals are a classic mix of Layne Staley with Jaz Coleman and even touches of Bruce Dickinson vibes. Overall, just a very confident recording with great lyrics too.
  19. Astronomic Dominic
    by Scott Lawlor
  20. atom heart mother
    by Scott Lawlor
  21. Mountains
    by brusalan
  22. Sault
    by Matt Borghi
    Borghi is a veteran of dark, deep ambient, often made with guitar, and I think this is one of the best of his many recordings that I have in my collection. There is so much atmosphere and soul on display in his music.
  23. Dead Cities EP
    by Methyl Lily
    Tikal Tikal
    Only the second release, and Methyl Lily is already diversifying! This duo of pieces features lots of beats...more like sampled kit sounds in the first, pulsing electronica in the second. Both are uplifting and groovy. A nice achievement.
  24. Shattered Despair
    by Fae Moonbeam & Seffi Starshine
    Spiralling Into Defeat Spiralling Into Defeat
    While there is a bleakness to this duo of excellent drone pieces, there is also a warmth...sort of like life itself, I guess. Once again, a clinic on how good drone ambient should sound.
  25. Doesn't Remember...
    by Whettman Chelmets
    recall (outro)/The Swimming Hole recall (outro)/The Swimming Hole
    This is pretty ridiculously good. Sometimes sounds like Tim Hecker, sometimes like Stars of the Lid...sometimes like Krautrock...but all pure Chelmets! Hazy, mysterious and deep, like a surreal dream you didn't want to wake up from.
  26. Renascent
    by Acef Stripe
    Tumbleweeds At Dusk Tumbleweeds At Dusk
    I think the closest approximation I could come up with is classic Cluster from the 70s; there's a similar playfulness to the compositions and electronic sounds, but with an extra dose of wistfulness that makes this release distinct. Very appealing music.
  27. Goddess of the Calm Waters
    by Seffi Starshine
    Realm of the Goddess Realm of the Goddess
    Seffi Starshine makes drone ambient as good as anyone's...yes, it drones, but there are lots of other enticing textures in there as well, demonstrating a mastery of the form.
  28. The Pilgrimage
    by Ian Haygreen
    Ship of the Jilan-Tormelon Ship of the Jilan-Tormelon
    I love dark ambient when it's nut just a bunch of roaring noises. This is a mysterious collection of sounds and ethereal tones that's the aural equivalent of reading a classic fantasy novel. Masterful.
  29. Farewells
    by Binaural Space
  30. Sequential Drones For Starving Minds
    by Earlyguard
  31. Pathways II
    by Off Land
  32. Useless Metamorphosis
    by Methyl Lily
    Bronze Flarepistol Bronze Flarepistol
    This is a ridiculously well produced and polished album of ambient, post-rock, whatever you want to call it. Great guitar sounds, ethereal noises...just really great overall.
  33. Encounters
    by Binaural Space
    First Lights-out Away First Lights-out Away
    This is an impressive full-length debut. Rather than being straight ambient, it's a mixture of cinematic space music with classic ambient undertones that is meant to illustrate a neat little sci-fi story. Definitely worth it for anyone who likes classic synth sounds.
  34. The Infernal Egg
    by Ade Hodges and Duke Gray
  35. Giant Eyes & Infant Steps
    by Whettman Chelmets
    MRW I Drop the Passie in the Dark MRW I Drop the Passie in the Dark
    Definitely the trippiest album about parenthood I've ever heard. It is truly impressive how this artist blends various ambient/noise/post-rock/shoegaze and post-punk styles into an ecstatic and distinctive wall of sound.
  36. Live at the Colosseum of Dreams
    by Fae Moonbeam and Seffi Starshine
    A beautiful mix of cosmic/space ambient with more modern textures. Bottom line: super peaceful, will make you feel good.
  37. Living Breathing
    by Guitar PK
    Mountain Bluebird Mountain Bluebird
    Guitar PK is excellent guitarist but also an expert composer, mixing Oldfieldian and Floydian styles. This is a nice overview of his work.
  38. Alternate Endings
    by Seffi Starshine
  39. Throttle
    by Guitar PK
  40. Universalis
    by Hammock
  41. Brainstorms
    by Kloba Kent
  42. Deep Heart Acoustic: A Dandelion Radio Session
    by Diane Marie Kloba
  43. Triptychon II
    by Wolfgang Merx
    Signs Signs
    If you like vintage cosmic electronic music, look no further. Merx brings an array of genuine vintage keys to this trance-inducing collection.
  44. Alas... The Sun is Shining and You are Still Alive
    by Whettman Chelmets
    You are Still Alive You are Still Alive
    This hits all the right nostalgic notes but is an original album. Track 1 is more nostalgic and dream-poppy, while the third ambient track reminds me strongly of Flying Saucer Attack. If you like those things, this will hit the spot.
  45. Reveries
    by Phillip Wilkerson