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  1. Expletis
    by Heressiah
  2. Age Of The Faceless Demon
    by Ekthelion
  3. Under A Mournful Moon
    by Ekthelion
  4. Moonrealms
    by Ekthelion
  5. Shadowrealms
    by Ekthelion
  6. I The Evil One
    by La Morte Amoureuse
  7. Déchoir
    by Chrystal Für
    Déchoir VII Déchoir VII
    I actually felt that every loss with every track. Amazing, touching music.
  8. A cat-shaped hole in my heart (pay-what-you-wish) (1999)
    by Various Artists
    The Changelings: Caterwaul (early recording) The Changelings: Caterwaul (early recording)
    Always great to support kitties! As a cat person, I love this album :)
  9. Vladavina Vampira
    by Talog
    Od Svjetla Sakriveni Od Svjetla Sakriveni
    Both tracks makes one really feel as sucked slowly by a vampire, in dark and cobweb-infested castle. Amazing.
  10. Drevna Crna Magija
    by Talog / La Morte Amoureuse
    Medmesrs Vekesur As Tra Brocd Medmesrs Vekesur As Tra Brocd
    Both Talog and La Morte did great haunting work here. I really feel like in the abandoned and vast hallways.
  11. Wámpír
    by La Morte Amoureuse
    Ghastly. I love every second of this track.
  12. Mirabilis 7" EP
    by Mirabilis
    An Epitaph An Epitaph
    Everything created by Mirabilis is near perfection. Loving the songs.
  13. Winterstead
    by Guild Of Lore
    Icewinds Icewinds
    Loving this mystical atmosphere, I feel like in the snow forest.
  14. Long Time Gone
    by Mary Wander
    Home Home
    Unique voice and true/sad lyrics. Very good!
  15. Akītu
    by Ancestral Vision
    Marduk Marduk
    I must say that this is one of the top albums I bought here. Very mysterious and dark and just in my taste.
  16. Batrakos / Aisna split (Aisna Side)
    by Aisna
    Hinthial Terasials Hinthial Terasials
  17. Obsidian
    by Gelkhammar
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Demo II
    by Peridexion Tree
  19. Sacnisa
    by Aisna
  20. Demo I
    by Xiuhtecuhtli
  21. Demo I
    by Peridexion Tree
  22. Split
    by Ancestral Vision & калуђер
  23. Demo 2015
    by Aisna
  24. Demo III
    by Peridexion Tree
  25. Cossyra
    by Gelkhammar
  26. Demo 2017
    by Aisna
  27. I: Es Uzcēlu Durvis Tīrumā
    by Velnezers
  28. Libera Temet Ex Infernis
    by La Morte Amoureuse
    V. - Es Dekessa Mubek Dabeso Muksro V. - Es Dekessa Mubek Dabeso Muksro
    Another great album. This one is very soothing and calm yet haunting, which fits my mood. Thank you for your music!
  29. Vividarium Intervigilium Viator
    by Melankolia
    In the Garden Sleeps a Messenger In the Garden Sleeps a Messenger
    Beautiful and mystical album, full of pure melancholia. Awesome through and through.
  30. Emprisonné [Single]
    by Sheol Blanc
  31. Bereft [DEMO]
    by Sheol Blanc
  32. Sortie Nocturne
    by Sheol Blanc
    I love the calm gloominess of this song, it's like something from dark forest at night. Even cover indicates that.
  33. Saleté
    by Sheol Blanc
    Damn, this is good. Vocals fit so much into the music atmosphere. Great song.
  34. Looking back [Compilation]
    by Sheol Blanc
  35. Solitaire Dépravé
    by Sheol Blanc
    Oscillation perturbé Oscillation perturbé
    You guys grow up in my book so much with every listen. Very good stuff.
  36. Let Me Die
    by Gloom Recluse
    Delirious Lunacy Delirious Lunacy
    Really gloomy, vampiric journey through the haunted forests.
  37. Erszébet
    by Erszébet
  38. Vunkal Voarlnam
    by La Morte Amoureuse
    Ruvkan Akdoar Vampur Ruvkan Akdoar Vampur
    This album takes me to an old dusty and almost abandoned vampire castle... yet the vampire is still there. Eerie masterpiece.
  39. Fantaisie Nocturne I
    by La Morte Amoureuse
  40. Sub Rosa
    by Mirabilis
    The Journey The Journey
    Beautiful, sublime and artful music. I love the vocals and mesmerizing melodies. I love Mirabilis and Sub Rosa is one of my favourite albums of all times.
  41. Blessed He With Boils (2012)
    by Xanthochroid
    Long Live Our Lifeless King Long Live Our Lifeless King
    Very impressive. I am so damn happy that I discovered you, guys.
  42. Of Erthe and Axen Act II (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
    Through Chains That Drag Us Downward Through Chains That Drag Us Downward
    Even more impacting than Act I. Pure genius.
  43. Of Erthe and Axen: Act I (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
    To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand
    The best experience since early Opeth, I am totally impressed by the level of quality.
  44. By Means of Ancient Magic
    by Swamp Temple
    The Wall of Thorn The Wall of Thorn
    Damn, this is possessed dark stuff from the darkest rites of death. And I must say, I love it.
  45. Life Without Life
    by Mortaur
    No Plough Stops for the Dying Man No Plough Stops for the Dying Man
    Mortaur never disappoints. The songs are pure hollow emptiness.