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  1. The Search Party * Montgomery Chapel (1969 US West Coast Psych * Female Xtian Folk Rock)
    by The Search Party
  2. The Source Family
    by Father Yod & The Source Family
  3. 1969: The Golden Voice Recordings
  4. Music and Poetry of the Kesh
    by Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton
  5. Spectral Kingdom of Nocturnal Sorcery
    by Wampyric Solitude
  6. Lodestar
    by Shirley Collins
  7. Heart's Ease
    by Shirley Collins
  8. Shirley Inspired
    by Shirley Inspired...
  9. Hereford Wakes
    by Thorsten Schmidt
  10. Beautiful Grave
    by Arrowwood
  11. New Or Beautiful: 2008 - 2018
    by Osiris Saline
  12. Sial at Play (single) b/w The Serpent and the Dove
    by In Gowan Ring
  13. The Glinting Spade Revisited
    by In Gowan Ring
  14. Love Charms
    by In Gowan Ring
  15. Compendium [Free Download]
    by In Gowan Ring
  16. The Serpent and the Dove
    by In Gowan Ring
  17. Heart Star Gift
    by In Gowan Ring
  18. The Glinting Spade
    by In Gowan Ring
  19. The Twin Trees
    by In Gowan Ring
  20. B'ee's Pent Pouch
    by In Gowan Ring