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  1. CR028- Abandon- "The Death of Urgency" MCD
    by Abandon
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    Walls Walls
  2. Hyena
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Unmasked Unmasked
  3. The Seventh Day
    by Digress
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Averment Averment
  4. matsuri - endship
    by matsuri
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    matsuri - open your chest (part 1) matsuri - open your chest (part 1)
  5. Celestial Mother of the Handless Path
    by Annulment
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Lilith of Fair Soil, Daughter of the Endless Arc Lilith of Fair Soil, Daughter of the Endless Arc
  6. Clocks Made Of Their Own Bones
    by Agowilt
    Clocks Made Of Their Own Bones Clocks Made Of Their Own Bones
  7. Love Through Unrepining Hours
    by Seven Generations
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Atonement Atonement
  8. Conditioned From Birth
    by Renounced
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    Empty Empty
  9. Voidbound
    by Bloodmoon
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    The Singing Flame The Singing Flame
    This is one of the best releases i've heard within heavy music in a while. Some serious Neurosis and Floor worship going on here.
    The drums are really technical (but not overdone) and good. The vocals are dark and beautiful at the same time. The guitar riffs are very memorable with a quality unique tone. The bass is very sludgy which mixes well in this sound. Less than 24 hours after it's inception, and i'm calling Voidbound the best record of the year. So glad this was released! Well done guys.
  10. Suffering
    by Content With Dying
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    Justice Justice
  11. Reality
    by The New Flesh
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    Age of Reason Age of Reason
  12. No Exit
    by The Separation
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    No Exit No Exit