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  1. One of Us
    by Level the Compound
  2. GlitchCraft
    by GlitchCraft
  3. Welcome to the Cult
    by Appalachian Death Cult
  4. End of Time
    by Astral Magic
  5. Giraffatron
    by Horse God
  6. Ohm Spirits Castle
    by Opel
  7. The Subtle & The Dense
    by Samsara Joyride
  8. Unilateralis
    by GOZD
  9. Elephant Wizard
    by Les Moontunes
  10. Funeral Path
    by CrossRoad
  11. Blood on the Altar
    by Appalachiatari
  12. Myth
    by Sun Q
  13. Inhvmar
    by Bagual
  14. A.I.
    by Greengoat
  15. Regeneration
    by GUHTS
  16. The Crust
    by Young Acid
  17. Silence By The Raging Sea
    by Occult Hand Order
  19. Grieve
    by Morag Tong
  20. Mother Magnetic EP
    by Mother Magnetic