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  1. Spark Eliminator E.P.
    by Freeways
  2. The Work
    by Rivers of Nihil
  3. III
    by Hirsi
  4. Awakening from Dukkha
    by Nine Treasures
  5. Erase
    by Zeal and Ardor
  6. Realm Of The Tormentor
    by Dream Tröll
  7. Awakening from Dukkha
    by Nine Treasures
    I love all of these songs and though it took some adjusting because of the sheer amount of times i had listened to them but now i love the re-recorded versions even more. Excited to see where they go next!
  8. Midnight Hits (Split w/ Hitter)
    by Midnight Dice
  9. Hypnotized
    by Midnight Dice
  10. Passage Elemental
    by Wandering Oak
    Riastrad Riastrad
    I love music that sounds unique and this absolutely does. The blend of heavy metal, black metal and folk creates a sound you won't find anywhere else.
  11. Awakening from Dukkha
    by Nine Treasures
  12. Jotun (Original Soundtrack)
    by Max LL
  13. La Halha
    by Boisson Divine
    Abelion Abelion
    I love folk, and this is great folk but also something new because it's Gascogne folk metal which is a unique and welcome new sound, amazing!
  14. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
    Drawn Into the Next Void Drawn Into the Next Void
    How can music be crushing, beautiful and melancholic all at once? This album is an experience that you need to have.
  15. Acid Doom
    by OLD BLOOD
  16. Grungetown Hooligans II
    by MANTAR
  17. Quest For Steel
    by Dream Tröll
    We Fight The Night We Fight The Night
    I has been two years and i can still listen to We Fight the Night on repeat for hours without getting sick of it, it's fun, catchy, and just great.
  18. Second To None
    by Dream Tröll
    I Will Not Die Today I Will Not Die Today
    Already singing along after one listen and still going. Also impressed by the combo of storytelling and musicianship!
  19. Umbra
    by Forlorn World
    As a huge fan of Bloodshot Dawn i had to check this out and i am totally here for the clean vocals and melodeath riffs.
  20. Omens
    by Desert Storm
    I liked the previous album but his one made me a fan, i love the entire mood of this record. The almost spoken word sections also work great.