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  2. The Kindness of Ravens EP
    by They Themselves Are Beasts
  3. Untitled (remastered/extended)
    by Sunnsetter
  4. The Mourning Of... ( A collection of songs, Demos and unfinished tracks)
    by They Themselves Are Beasts
  5. Cast us to wonder
    by They themselves are beasts
  6. Naturally occuring improvised music for the end of the world (iphone demos)
    by Sunnsetter
  7. You are the greatest (single)
    by Sunnsetter
  8. It was winter and I wrote some songs...
    by Sunnsetter
  9. All I Need (Radiohead cover)
    by Sunnsetter
  10. worrybody.
    by Sunnsetter
  11. Attic Son
    by Sunnsetter
  12. I will understand
    by Sunnsetter
  13. Sunnsetter Bedroom Demos
    by Sunnsetter
  14. Death of the old/birth of the new
    by Corpse pose
  15. sungazer vol. 2
    by sungazer
    by The Jephries
  17. Chords For Kids
    by Various Artists
  18. Park Human
    by The Jephries
    Epilogue Epilogue
  19. Good Mourning
    by Chartreuse Noose
    The Letter The Letter
    Every chord, every word, every subtle change in dynamics reflects the love these two contain and I am so glad they want to share it with the rest of us.