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  1. The Awaiting Coffins
    by Churchburn
  2. None Shall Live... The Hymns of Misery
    by Churchburn
  3. I Carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  4. Senior Fellows/Floodwalker Split
    by Senior Fellows
  5. S.I.N. Spawned In Nothingness
    by VELD
  6. Spirit of Gaia
    by Nikita Rafaelov
  7. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
  8. Love In Shadow
    by SUMAC
  9. Split
    by Churchburn / Opium Lord
  10. The Dark Triad
    by Strangle Wire
  11. Split 7"
    by Antre / Underdark
  12. Magus
    by Thou
  13. Arc
    by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
  14. This Unabating Wakefulness
    by מזמור
  15. Tyrant
    by Thou
  16. Summit
    by Thou
  17. 7 Inch
    by Endeavor (now Reap and Sow)
  18. DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian
    by VELD
  19. Interregnum
    by Usurpress
  20. Pleiades' Dust
    by Gorguts
  21. No Lives Matter
    by Grind Of The Dead
  22. Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  23. Muerte
    by Will Haven
  24. Brain Tentacles
    by Brain Tentacles
  25. What One Becomes
    by SUMAC
  26. Can You Hear The Wind Howl
    by WVRM
  27. Swarm Sound
    by WVRM
  28. The Christened Remains of an Evolutionary Catastrophe
    by Senior Fellows
  29. Ecclesiastical Servitude LP
    by Senior Fellows
  30. Shallow Grave for a Dying God LP
    by Senior Fellows
  31. Senior Fellows/Holy Void Split 7"
    by Senior Fellows
  32. Heartache
    by WVRM
  33. Sentinel - Black Table
    by Silent Pendulum Records
  34. Obelisk (2016)
    by Black Table
  35. Wroth
    by Bädr Vogu
  36. River Black
    by River Black
  37. nihsahshsaH
    by Hashshashin
  38. Finisterre
    by Der Weg Einer Freiheit
  39. Stellar
    by Der Weg Einer Freiheit