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  1. Stark Raven Mad Vol. 1
    by Ravenous
    Bewitched Bewitched
  2. An Age Undreamed of
    by Vanquisher
    The Pride of Aquilonia The Pride of Aquilonia
  3. The Saberlight Chronicles
    by Fellowship
    The Saint Beyond The River The Saint Beyond The River
  4. Warfront
    by Wind Rose
  5. Wintersaga
    by Wind Rose
  6. Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War
    by Victorius
  7. Space Ninjas From Hell
    by Victorius
  8. The Symphony To End All Wars
    by Sabaton
  9. The Soundtrack To The Great War
    by Sabaton
  10. Mankind's Odyssey
    by Aquilla
  11. Geddon Dangerous
    by Doublegeddon
  12. Creepy Symphonies
    by Trick Or Treat
  13. Elements Of Power
    by Veonity
  14. Reclamation
    by Eternal Ascent
  15. Here We Stand
    by In Victory
  16. The Pulse of the Heart
    by In Victory
  17. The Prophecies Will Unfold (Orchestral Version)
    by In Victory
  18. Ecstasy of the Enlightened
    by In Victory
  19. Uplifting Metal
    by In Victory
  20. Master of Illusion
    by Power Quest