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Nils Dijkhoff

  1. Haarlem, Netherlands
  2. Electronic
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    by Suck Puck Recordz
    by Suck Puck Recordz
  3. Fuk the borders vol.3
    by Suck Puck Recordz
  4. Bipolar Outflow
    by Droid Eater
  5. Millions Of Dead Wrestlers
    by Doormouse
  6. Adios Amigo: The First Decade/The Last Dance
    by Have A Few Get Some
  7. Tiger Jigsaw
    by Have A Few Get Some
  8. 10 Years Of Breaking Things
    by Stazma The Junglechrist
  9. Reflections In Reverse EP
    by Adamant Scream
  10. SSSPCR 001
    by [KRTM] ft. Thrasher / Tymon
  11. Body Slam Musik EP (PRSPCTXTRM045)
    by Akira & Bryan Fury
  12. Imposter Syndrome EP (Genosha #027)
    by Strange Arrival
  13. Hell On Earth LP
    by The Satan
  14. F*ck Everybody / Outcasts
    by Hellfish & Bryan Fury
  15. X EP
    by Xaturate
  16. I Send You To Hell / Push The Prozac
    by Sei2ure
  17. Counter Carnage EP by Deformer (PRSPCTRVLT 017)
    by PRSPCT Recordings
  18. B2B Murda / King Kebab
    by Axe Gabba Murda Mob
  19. Satanism EP by Hallucinator (PRSPCTEP 008)
    by PRSPCT Recordings
  20. HouJeKKMuil EP by Limewax
    by Limewax
  21. DJ Stretchmark - Peng
    by C h i n S t r o k e R e c o r d s
  22. Panther Tracks
    by DJ Donna Summer
  23. Ambivalence.
    by Ambivalence.
  24. The Unrelenting Songs Of The 1979 Post Disco Crash
    by Jason Forrest
  25. Bipolar Order
    by Laxenanchaos vs Caramel Brain Ideas
  26. Wooden Karova 7"
    by DJ Donna Summer
  27. Jason Forrest - Fear City
    by Jason Forrest
  28. Belligerent Super-Vision
    by DJ Donna Summer
  29. Angel 93
    by Elevation and x.nte
  30. We Rob Rave 2
    by PZG & Dubsknit
  31. Wasted Compilation
    by Wasted Compilation
  32. Ninja Columbo Records #10
    by The Teknoist & Dolphin / Undead Ronin
  33. The Hong Kong Chop
    by Hellfish
  34. Hong Kong Violence #15
    by Detest
  35. Hong Kong Violence #16
    by Dolphin & Bryan Fury
  36. 2 The Rhythm
    by Spongebob Squarewave
  37. Another Dimension
    by Spongebob Squarewave
  38. Party Prescription
    by Dr.Oscillator
  39. [KRTM] - Consumer (The Worst of KRTM)
    by [KRTM]
  40. The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave (One Seven Five #016)
    by The Outside Agency
  41. PRSPCT XTRM 039 by Penta Feat: Dolphin & Tripped
    by PRSPCT Recordings
    by Baseck
  43. Main Sequence E.P.
    by Ophidian
  44. Brame by Ruby My Dear
    by PRSPCT Recordings
  45. Information Asymmetry LP
    by Dolphin