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  1. The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Remastered)
    by T.Power
  2. Foundation
    by Bassclefff
  3. Skeleton Metal X
    by Vargskelethor
    Beef Zone 2: Well Done With Ketchup Beef Zone 2: Well Done With Ketchup
    Joey Fecalfunny seems to have been in a bit of a retrospection mood as of late - after releasing the extended version of his acclaimed album Super Ghostbusters, he then dropped this album commemorating almost a decade of bone fuelled metal and other goofy music endeavours. Production values here are at an all time high, with new versions of old classics (and 2019's Tekkno Pidgeon) placed with all new tunes made specifically for this collection of nonsense. Bone rattling guaranteed!
  4. Dressed For Excess: A Collection Of Corporate Bangers
    by Nmesh
    "Climbing the Corporate Ladder" is basically a myth - but these remixes aren't. So get stuck in and embrace 39 tracks of business madness. Well done to those who got to have a shared telepathic experience through this compilation, everyone here earned it.
  5. Flamingo
    by Kero Kero Bonito
    Something about Kero Kero Bonito's approach to Hyperpop with their 2013-2016 material resonates me more than the genre usually does. Newer material does branch out a bit from the formula of this track, but as one of several entry points this is perfectly valid for first time listeners. It sounds about as pink as the Flamingo mentioned in the song and that's fine by me.
  7. Super Ghostbusters
    by Vargskelethor
    Ghastbasters Ghastbasters
    It is with my great pleasure that the monumental album Super Ghostbusters has been given a release on Bandcamp for the very first time, complete with all new and previously unheard material. A modern classic in every respect, the idea of what it means to be a Ghost Buster is richly explored in a variety of compositions which prove a point about just how much material can be gathered out of a simple Ghostbusters theme MIDI. Truly a Great Value statement of our time.
  8. boskage (Remixes)
    by juneunit
  9. Sound Of The Street
    by DMX Krew
  10. On The Telephone / Preferred Stock
    by Nmesh
  11. Class Projects Vol​.​2
    by V/A
    Cone - Atlantic Status Procedure Cone - Atlantic Status Procedure
    I made this :)
  12. Steffi - The Red Hunter
    by Steffi
  13. Hello
    by µ-Ziq
  14. Programmed World
    by Tom Carruthers
  15. Songs for Sad Poets
    by Siavash Amini & Eugene Thacker
  16. Further Regions: 20 Years Of Exploration
    by Nmesh
    by juneunit
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Fog Forest (juneunit Remix)
    by Akasha System
  19. EKSE (Acapella)
    by Off The Meds
  20. Lunatic Harness (25th Anniversary Edition)
    by µ-Ziq