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  1. Future 86
    by Steve Moore
  2. Future 99
    by Steve Moore
  3. Another Light
    by Red Vox
  4. Blood Bagel
    by Red Vox
  5. Kerosene
    by Red Vox
  6. Offworld
    by Special Request
    Front Screen Projection Front Screen Projection
    Part 3/4 of Paul Woolford sticking to his word: this album might as well be on the top 40 by now. That's my hot take at least.
  7. Special Request & Fwends
    by Special Request
    VORTEX 164 (Sully Remix) VORTEX 164 (Sully Remix)
    Considering that these are remixes of a track off an album advertised for its "pants shitting" properties, it makes me a tad concerned about the animals on the cover...

    I'm probably overthinking it.
  8. Stress Junkie / Mimetic
    by Oli XL
  9. Tracer Wanz
    by Oli XL
  10. Shipwrecked
    by Thomas P. Heckmann
  11. Work A Change
    by Steffi x Virginia
    Be True To Me Be True To Me
    The inevitable collision of Steffi's recent Electro/IDM approach and her previous collaborations with Virginia.
  12. Afx (Aka Aphex Twin) - .215061
    by VA
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Ancient Lights ( Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 2 )
    by ERP
  14. Utility
    by Barker
    Experience Machines Experience Machines
    Following on succesfully from Debiasing Barker of course puts out this neat album extending on that EP's ideas. Recalling genres such as Trance, Minimal Prog (if Ishkur's Guide is reliable), IDM and Dub Techno along the way, it works well whenever you use this as a set of DJ tools or a listening album. Me? "Why not both?"

    (I would have written more but character limits tho).
  15. Skeleton Metal
    by Vargskelethor
    Skeletor Skeletor
    5 years (at the time of this review) damn.
  16. My Inspiration
  17. Pardon Mouloud
    by J-ZBEL
  18. What Could Go Wrong
    by Red Vox
    Back To School Back To School
    It's Vinny from Vinesauce. Do I expect anything less? Also Jabroni Mike.
  19. HotStart
    by Bees McBees
    This album was made as a joke over 3 years back but I've only just now got around to buying it because the Flint, Michigan water crisis is still very much ongoing. I'm glad to have some part in helping out the situation there.
  20. Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer
    by Oli XL
    Flower Circuit Flower Circuit
    One of those albums where categorisation is thrown out of the window. I'll describe this at best as I can; An album that shrugs at its own existence which is abstract yet strangely whimsical. Whenever you're into Squarepusher or Basement Jaxx this might do the trick.
  21. New Advancements In Lizard Tech™
    by Reptant
  22. Love Inna Basement
    by DJ Bogdan
    Love Inna Basement (Morning Dub) Love Inna Basement (Morning Dub)
    It's legit badass to see these tracks released for the first time outside of the confines of a former nightclub. In hindsight this also speaks to how well Objekt remade the morning dub with "Theme From Q" (aside from dialled back breakbeats, a slower tempo and odd samples here and there).

    But on the other hand this means journalistic blunders and my own confusion at hearing both versions in a bunch of online mixes. Oh well.

    (Edit: RA's sticking to their guns making me confused.)
  23. Parallel Rave Fantasies
    by Faugust
    Cold Harbour Cold Harbour
    The kind of shit I want to make.
  24. Voodoo Ray
    by A Guy Called Gerald
    My uncle slipped this classic into an unofficial mix CD he gave to me as a present about 2008/9. This one has some sentimental value to me.

    Still sounds exotic after over 30 years (at the time of this review)
  25. Odds Against Us
    by Martyn
    Odds Against Us Odds Against Us
    One of the finer 2019 releases.
  26. Move
    by Detromental
  27. Infinite Dreamz EP
    by No Moon
  28. Peace Of Mind
    by Claro Intelecto
  29. Soundcheck EP
    by Shelley Parker
  30. Bedroom Tapes
    by Special Request
    Shoreline Shoreline
    Part 2/4 of Paul Woolford sticking to his word: 90's archives dusted off. Reminiscent of Polygon Window at times with odd Detroit Techno leanings.
  31. E/P
    by Second Woman
  32. Kind Of Blue EP
    by Vladislav Delay
    Kenno 45rpm Kenno 45rpm
    Skee Mask shared this on Twitter one day. Reminded me of Jan Jelinek so I figured "why not?".

    Also having both tracks at 2 different speeds as if you were buying the vinyl is an interesting touch.
  33. Severance
    by Mikron
    Sunken Paths Sunken Paths
    The chilled IDM/Electro I look for. Basically.
  34. IT041 Stenny - Stress Test
    by Stenny
  35. Claustro / State Forest
    by Burial
    The hyped release of the year.
  36. PEACH007 - Call Super
    by Call Super
  37. Buzz Kill - When The Smoke Clears
    by DJ DISRESPECT, Kovyazin D, Wee DJs, DJ DR-660, Nastia6.9, Buzz Kill, Aquatronics, Francois Dillinger
  38. Aquatronics - Frequency
    by DJ DISRESPECT, Kovyazin D, Wee DJs, DJ DR-660, Nastia6.9, Buzz Kill, Aquatronics, Francois Dillinger
  39. VORTEX
    by Special Request
    Memory Lake Memory Lake
    Part 1/4 of Paul Woolford sticking to his word: apparently this makes you shit your pants. Real mature remark there.
  40. Deep Analysis
    by Cygnus
    Ultraterrestrial Ultraterrestrial
    Want the perfect sci fi soundtrack? Here you go.
  41. Electro Samples Vol. 1
    by Central Processing Unit
  42. Electro Samples Vol. 2
    by Central Processing Unit
  43. Warp Room
    by Solid Blake
  44. Sort\Lave
    by Richard Devine
    Astra Astra
    Filed under "uneasy listening".
  45. Freq Accident
    by Reptant