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Adrian Wallace

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Punk
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  1. Demo
    by Lái
  2. Krul E.P
    by Krul
  3. B.F.E.39 - VIETNAM - Vietnam LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  4. Metamathics
    by High Dependency Unit
  5. scènes
  6. Acid Earth
    by Spiteful Urinator
  7. Spiteful Urinator
    by Spiteful Urinator
  8. Kainskult
    by Trepaneringsritualen
  9. Absurdities And Death Rites
    by Spiteful Urinator
  10. The Sparks That Are Stars
    by 1/3 Octave Band
  11. Demo 2000
    by Virus
  12. Edge of a dream
    by The Jangle Band
  13. Split
    by Moloch / Haggatha
  14. Work Crimes
    by Spiteful Urinator
  15. Abandoned & Covered
    by Spiteful Urinator
  16. Death Death Death
    by Spiteful Urinator
  17. Death For Fun & Profit
    by Spiteful Urinator
  18. Zero Effort... Maximum Insult
    by Spiteful Urinator
  19. Spiteful Urinator / Trepanation - Split
    by Spiteful Urinator
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Violence
    by Fister
  21. Alcoholocaust EP
    by Bastard
  22. Hades Command
    by Bastard
  23. demo 2012
    by Bastard
  24. Total Onslaught
    by Spiteful Urinator
  25. Infinite Magnitudes Vol. 1
    by Spectra
    Ricci Flow Ricci Flow
    Layered modular synth greatness
    by M O R E L S
  27. Coltsblood / Crypt Lurker Split
    by Coltsblood
  28. This City Sunrise
    by This City Sunrise
  29. This City Sunrise Sings In Unison
    by This City Sunrise
  30. pleasure
    by Dekoder
  31. Bölzer - Aura
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  32. Eternal Return (Buried Alive Archive No.1)
  33. Weathered
    by NO WHY
  34. Return of The Empire
    by Horror Vacui
  35. Morels : Raygun (single)
    by Morels
  36. Sounds
    by Jet Jaguar
  37. Hoops
    by Jet Jaguar
  38. Lucked Out
    by Jet Jaguar
  39. Many Things
    by Jet Jaguar
  40. Open Tomb
    by Open Tomb
  41. Slower than thou
    by Open Tomb
  42. Demo 1
    by Open Tomb
  43. I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
  44. Five Production Mistakes Even Professionals Keep Making (They're Not What You Think)
    by Jet Jaguar

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  1. Dimensions
    by over the atlantic