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  1. Woodsmoke
    by Nest
  3. Eternal
    by Bound in Fear
    Everblack Everblack
  4. To Reign In Hell
    by By The Sins Fell Angels
    Civilization Defiled Civilization Defiled
    Badass melodic death metal from my hometown. BTSFA always had awesome performances at the local venue "Sector 7G" back in the day. Glad to see a sign of life after a decade of silence. Thanks for uploading this, hope all is well!
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  5. Demo MMXIII
    by Temple Of Void
  6. Harvest of Flesh
    by Temple Of Void
  7. The World that Was
    by Temple Of Void
    The World that Was The World that Was
  8. Into the Brazen Bull
    by House Of Atreus
    In the Shadow of Foreign Horses In the Shadow of Foreign Horses
  9. The Spear and the Ichor that Follows
    by House Of Atreus
    Messenger of a Shaken Host Messenger of a Shaken Host
  10. The End Is Nigh
    by Apocalypse Orchestra
    Flagellants' Song Flagellants' Song
  11. Transience
    by Shylmagoghnar
    Transience Transience
  12. Realms Of Eternal Decay
    by Outer Heaven
    Bloodspire Bloodspire
  13. The Great Maddening
    Lucilinburhuc Lucilinburhuc
  14. Dunwich
    by Obed Marsh
    Wilbur: Necronomicon Wilbur: Necronomicon
  15. Desquamate (Demo)
    by Obed Marsh
    Innsmouth Ritual (Demo) Innsmouth Ritual (Demo)
  16. Innsmouth
    by Obed Marsh
    Usurpers Usurpers
  17. The Xun Protectorate
    by Khonsu
    The Observatory The Observatory
  18. Watching from a Distance
    by Warning
    Footprints Footprints
  19. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Book of the Fallen Book of the Fallen
  20. Blessed Be My Brothers
    by Sarpanitum
    Glorification Upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead Glorification Upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead