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  1. Brussels, Belgium
  2. Experimental
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  1. Fleeced of their Wares
    by moduS ponY
  2. Microscripts
    by Cabbaggage
  3. UFO Party Playlist
    by Athenian Truckstop
  4. Like Rats (Godflesh cover)
    by Gravehuffer
  5. Incogioto
    by moduS ponY
  6. Theme∞Variations
    by Whettman Chelmets / qualchan.
  7. Let's Break Things
    by The Blank Holidays
  8. Lax Myths / Essentially Negative
    by Dere Moans / Horselover Flats
  9. Bellectronic (1980-1984)
    by Meurig Elis Huws
  10. Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain
    by The Modern Door
  11. Roof Tent Rhythms
    by The Tuesday Night Machines
  12. An Introduction to Bangara-Rossa (Learning by Listening Vol. 2)
    by Instituto Bangara-Rossa Internacional
  13. (Split)
    by moduS ponY and Belmont Lacroix
  14. Very Warm Regards
    by Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins
  15. Plaza Centraal
    by Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival
  16. Organic Architecture
    by Youth Championships
  17. Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer
    by Severino Pfifferling
  18. Transformation Cues
    by Emerging Industries of Wuppertal
  19. Elmyr
    by Ergo Phizmiz
  20. Rialto Boulevard
    by Belmont Lacroix