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  1. HK
    by HKE
    Ghost Ghost
  2. Mind of a Gemini
    by Deniro Farrar
    Duality (Produced by Jared Jamaal) Duality (Produced by Jared Jamaal)
    Glad this finally came out on Bandcamp. It's proof that Deniro's still at it, though this time with an admittedly different tone than I'm used to with some of his earlier releases (chiefly, the production isn't as darkly captivating - this is a bit more chipper). He's a cool dude (I've seen him twice in concerts) and it's great as a fan to be rewarded by solid releases like this one.
  3. ロストエデンへのパス
    by Nmesh and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
    光る目 光る目
    It's gorgeous. It's great for getting you in the zone without losing you, and takes you on a dreamboat cruise through a cloudy and mysteriously beautiful jungle.
  4. The Uncanny Valley
    Neo Tokyo Neo Tokyo
  5. The Uncanny Valley - Bonus
    by Perturbator
    Vile World Vile World
  6. White Hot Moon
    by Pity Sex
    What Might Soothe You What Might Soothe You
    Pity Sex's much anticipated White Hot Moon delivers that same uniqueness and depth that made Feast of Love so awesome without sacrificing a sense of direction and exploration. I can't wait to listen to it on vinyl as the sun winds down.
  7. Who Really Cares
    by TV Girl
    Song About Me (feat. Maddie Acid) Song About Me (feat. Maddie Acid)
  8. Laborhood Part 1
    by One Be Lo
    Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup
  9. S/T
    by GosT
    Ascension Ascension
    Gritty and gruesome in all the right ways, this EP is a must
  10. Detroit Revolution(s)
    by Clear Soul Forces
    Detroit Revolution(s) - (Produced by Ilajide) Detroit Revolution(s) - (Produced by Ilajide)
  11. Winded
    by Dextro
    Closer Closer
  12. Consequence Music
    by Dextro
    Bladder Wrack Bladder Wrack
  13. #Nomadic ft Scotty ATL
    by Duru Tha King
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  14. 新しい日の誕生
    by 2814
    テレパシー テレパシー
    When I want to really get work done, I frequently turn to this album. It does an excellent job of putting you into a time and place you hear in your dreams, but is ambient enough to make for serious concentration. Listen to it on a tram and zone out for full effect. It's a truly rich and beautiful audio experience.
  15. EP I
    Red Dragon Red Dragon
    It's synthy. It's stellar. Get it because it's both.
  16. Detroit State of Mind 4
    by Danny Brown
    Black Black
    Danny goes hard. This was no exception. Get it because it's good!
  17. NOIR - DLXE
    by Blue Sky Black Death
    Waters Clear As Heaven Waters Clear As Heaven
    Simply put, one of the best, most surreal albums I've ever listened to. For a truly dreamy experience, try to find a copy on vinyl - totally worth it in whatever format you choose.
  18. Hoodwink'd
    by LVL UP
    These guys are cool in person, awesome in show, and their music rocks. What more reason do you need to support them?
  19. Cliff Of Death II
    by Deniro Farrar
    Wind Blow Wind Blow
    Wow. This is Deniro's deepest release yet in my opinion. He pours forth very ounce of his being into his lyrical delivery and weaves a web of raw and dark stories and realities it's almost impossible to get from other rappers. He still reigns supreme with this one, and Young God's production is flawless. I can't wait to see what's next for Deniro after listening to this.
  20. Finally Rich (Screwed By DJFresha) - Chief Keef
    by Chief Keef & DJFresha
    Hallelujah (Screwed By DJFresha) - Chief Keef Hallelujah (Screwed By DJFresha) - Chief Keef
  21. Terrace
    by Little Brother
    Pathetic Pathetic
  22. Kill Cops and Steal their Hats!
    by Chad hates George.
    Shootin' up & Breakin' Down Shootin' up & Breakin' Down
    Spunky. Quirky. Punky. Irky (Not Really). A fresh sound (Really). Buy it. Love it.
  23. Cliff Of Death
    by Deniro Farrar x BSBD
    Blue Sky Black Death And Deniro Farrar - This Is It Feat. Child Actor Blue Sky Black Death And Deniro Farrar - This Is It Feat. Child Actor
    Serene, chilling beats with deeply personal lyrics makes this one of Deniro's finest releases.
    by Deniro Farrar x Shady Blaze
    All The Way ft. Lofty, Squadda B + Deecee (Prod. Friendzone) All The Way ft. Lofty, Squadda B + Deecee (Prod. Friendzone)
    Deniro continues to explore and experiment with this album , and it's an essential for any fan of his.
  25. Separation
    by Balance and Composure
    Separation Separation
    It's an awesome album with a post-grunge kind of feel and deep lyrics. What's not to like?
    by Duru Tha King
    Duru Tha King - Salt Burn (Prod by Fameless) Duru Tha King - Salt Burn (Prod by Fameless)
    DuRu Tha King delivers real rap that you can respect with this one. It's good to know that artists like him are keeping things interesting, personal, and fresh. I knew of him through his work with Deniro Farrar, and because he's a Charlotte rapper, so if you're looking for something genuine, I'd highly suggest picking this up and supporting some real rap artistry.
  27. Young States
    by Citizen
    Detached Detached
  28. Chronicles of Gnarnia
    by Gnarwolves
    Reaper Reaper
    Gnarwolves. They're gnarly and they're exciting. They're awesome live too. Raw punk at it's finest.
  29. DESTINY. altered
    by Deniro Farrar
    No Games (prod. Ryan Hemsworth) No Games (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
    This album is deep. I had the chance to see Deniro live last year and it's easy to get a sense that he's a genuinely good guy and rapper who can pack a lot into his raps in terms of flow and lyrics. This album, like his others, are worth your listen and your money.
  30. Singles and Rarities
    by THE VIRUS
    Throwaway Kids Throwaway Kids
    They're fast and they're aggressive. They're The Virus and they go hard.
  31. The Only Place I Know
    by Citizen/The Fragile Season
    Fremont Fremont
  32. Whirr / Nothing Split 12"
    by Whirr / Nothing
    Chloroform Chloroform
    Whirr and Nothing do wonders with this split. Both sides deliver awesome tracks, and the split is easily worth $4.
  33. Mend, Move On
    by Trophy Eyes
    Responsibility and Structure Responsibility and Structure
    This band may be the most exciting thing to happen to melodic hardcore in quite some time - with hard-hitting riffs, energetic percussion, and uniquely dense and compelling vocals, this album won't disappoint! If you liked their EP, this album is definitely worth the purchase. I've been looking forward to this release for a while and like it a lot.
  34. Wouldworks
    by Rebuke
    Bartenders & Tarbenders Bartenders & Tarbenders
  35. I wish my brother Rob was here
    by milo
    Omar Don't Scare Omar Don't Scare
  36. Rest Your Head
    by Ages
    Fate. Only for Here and Now Fate. Only for Here and Now
    Another awesome album from this fast-paced, exciting band. The addition of a new vocal style contributes to an interesting and refreshing sound for the genre.
  37. Sleep On It
    by Ages
    Sleeper Sleeper
    This album has zero dull moments and is consistently energetic - it's a punk album definitely worth listening to (over and over).
  38. This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me
    by Lost Years
    Record Players & Living Rooms Record Players & Living Rooms
    This album is the first album I discovered on Bandcamp, and I haven't regretted purchasing it since. These guys totally deserve your support with their deep-cutting lyrics and the emotion you can feel behind their music.