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  1. Cherry Pie
    by Bobby Nunn
    Got My Eye On You (Nickee B Remix) Got My Eye On You (Nickee B Remix)
    You know it's truuue that my one wish is to hear the next Nickee B tune!
  2. Tales Of Vanity
    by FayBN
    X Girlfriend X Girlfriend
    FayBN was one of my co-workers and is a genuine pal. His artistic ability for cyphers and the mic mixed in with his production capabilities really sparks magic into his work that paints a different picture of your perception of him. "X Girlfriend" has always been my fav from him since Day 1.
  3. Stronger
    by Nickee B
    I Won't Fake It I Won't Fake It
    Nickee B is my greatest modern boogie funk inspiration for my own hobby works. This album is just another of his collection that bangs to the point you have to reconsider modern groove. Legit!
  4. 1984
    by Nickee B
    Destiny Destiny
    I love this track because it is composed by Nickee B haha. It's not, "I think, therefore I am." It is stated: "I hear Nickee B, therefore I jam." Get it right! Also as a cover by Oattes Van Schaik (formerly The Limit), I can't help but love this track.
  5. Party Tonight / Give it up
    by Heather Haywood (from The Cool Notes)
    Give it Up Give it Up
    This album is all about the energy of partying and dancing while the feint scent of love is in the air. Loved "Give It Up" so much so that I learned how to play my own rendition of it on piano.
  6. Shy Young Lady
    by Nickee B
    Shy Young Lady Shy Young Lady