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  1. Doma
    by Petr Válek
    Side B Side B
  2. Change Of Heart
    by True Fir
    Fake Seams Fake Seams
  4. Live in Leipzig
    by Mayhem
    Chainsaw Gutsfuck (live in Leipzig, East Germany 26/11/90) Chainsaw Gutsfuck (live in Leipzig, East Germany 26/11/90)
  5. thoughts obtuse
    by Spectrum/Static
    Anti-Depressant Hell Anti-Depressant Hell
    Oh Hell yeah! 😈🖤🔊🔥
  6. Record the Smudge
    by Crank Sturgeon
    Antiseptic Song Antiseptic Song
    Oh Hell yeah, Crank!
  7. Neon Rain
    by F0x3r
  8. Liquid Crystal
    by Suburban Twilight
  9. Psychedelic Science Center
    by Glazer
  10. Archives Anti of the Bad Triangle Wearer Anthropomorph
    by Crank Sturgeon
  11. THE RUSTY NUTZ - We tried to make it big but something somewhere went wrong and we can't work out what that something is
    by The Rusty Nutz
  12. Dinosaur
    by Dinosaur Jr.
  13. Nichi Mlebom
    by Nichi Mlebom
  14. Million Seller
    by Bonefish Sam
  15. Eternal Hours
    by Nigh Infernal
  16. Dulles unt Husos
    by Crank Sturgeon and Dylan Nyoukis
  17. Crank Sturgeon / Matt Luczak split
    by Crank Sturgeon / Matt Luczak
  18. September Death
    by September Death
    I Just Want Her To Know I Just Want Her To Know
  19. Towering Crosses
    by Hateful Scarecrows
  20. BT042 - See If I Ever Cared
    by Nice Guy