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Joseph "The Auracle" Guthrie

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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. SELEK TAPE v1
    by Jacob Rochester
    Ragga_Muffin Ragga_Muffin
  2. bump2this vol. 5
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Just for u. Just for u.
  3. "Darling be mine."
    by stan the beatsmith.
    tasty. tasty.
    The gawd is back with another glorious beat tape. You dun know already: all killer, no filler. Beautiful & heart-warming but heavy enough to bang it out the back of a Jeep with twenty inch subs in it. Cop this tape. Today.
  4. The Scenic Route
    by Brock Berrigan
    Traveling Man Traveling Man
    There's never been a single moment where Brock has let me down. 'The Scenic Route' is a sensational collection of beats that achieves its objective of taking the listener on a journey similar to the one Berrigan actually took. A must-listen and a shoe-in as an entry on my list of 2019's albums you must have.
  5. romance
    by nymano
    by Ohbliv
    God Peeple God Peeple
    Easily one of the best collection of flips of bangers from the dirty dirty. Ohbliv is the truth.
  7. On break.
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Kick back. Kick back.
  8. Anthropocene Blues
    by Televangel
    Soonerlater Soonerlater
    These aren't beats. These are cinema scores.
  9. Hometown
    by nymano x Pandrezz
    A Day at the Beach A Day at the Beach
    Quite honestly, the most beautiful album of 2018. A remarkably moving body of work that elicits as much sentimentality as it does incredible grooves. This is a must-have beat tape.
  10. FL96
    by Starchildluke
    Bug Too In Target Bug Too In Target
    I can always count on Starchild because no matter the theme he chooses, the beats themselves are solid. Another superb project as well as a lovely jaunt down memory lane.
  11. Aftermath III
    by stan the beatsmith.
    IfIGoAgain IfIGoAgain
  12. EX3
    by stan the beatsmith.
  13. Saturday EP
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Saturday Saturday
  14. Aftermath II
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Attackontitan(Intro) Attackontitan(Intro)
  15. Beatbender
    by stan the beatsmith.
    MemoryLoss MemoryLoss
    The first of the Beatbender series, confirming to one and all that there's nothing Stan can't flip. This tape firmly deserves to be mentioned alongside the Samurai Champloo OSTs. It's that good.
  16. The FMA Project
    by stan the beatsmith.
  17. at the doe.
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Wu'sworld. Wu'sworld.
  18. Bump2this Vol.2
    by stan the beatsmith.
  19. They Shootin II
    by stan the beatsmith.
    Like a brother. Like a brother.
  20. Just somethin' lite.
    by stan the beatsmith.
    The scare. The scare.